Why Suffer? Visit a Foot and Ankle Specialist for Diagnosis and Treatment

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Were you aware that the average adult takes between 4,000-to-6,000 steps every day? When someone experiences foot and ankle problems, however, they will obviously take fewer steps and the ones they do take will cause them foot and ankle pain.

Foot problems are common in the United States, and 75%-to-80% of adults have some type of issue with their feet. Many of these issues are a result of foot and ankle injuries sustained while engaged in sports and other activities. Ankle strains and sprains have occurred with approximately 60% of the people 17 and over that have sustained an injury.

When injuries do occur, it’s important to visit a foot and ankle specialist, such as a podiatric physician. These medical professionals are responsible for treating the following percentage of issues:

    Corn and callus problems: 82%
    Toenail problems: 65%
    Bunion problems: 63%
    Flat feet or fallen arches:46%
    Toe and joint deformities: 43%

Interesting to note is that foot problems are more common with women than with men. It has been shown that women experience issues with their feet four times more often. One of the reasons for this is due to wearing high heels.

Both men and women, however, can sustain injuries when they wear running shoes that don’t fit properly. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) states that running shoes need to provide the proper type of arch support. According to the APMA, there are three basic types of arches:

    Low or flat arch
    Normal arch
    High arch

The APMA stresses the importance of wearing running shoes specifically designed for each type of arch. Their website provides a chart and links to APMA-approved footwear.

To address foot and ankle problems, many people are turning to laser foot therapy. A foot and ankle specialist will be able to provide a painless foot treatment with these specialized lasers. According to USA Laser, these laser treatments can be used to treat these and other issues:

    Toenail fungus
    Plantar fasciitis and fasciosis
    Wart removal

When someone experiences an ankle sprain, there are different levels, or grades. It’s obviously important to visit a foot and ankle specialist in order to determine the level of injury. According to WebMD, an ankle sprain may be one of three following grades:

    Grade 1: The ligament has been stretched or slightly torn.
    Grade 2: The ligament has been torn to a larger degree.
    Grade 3: The ligament has been completely torn.

If you’re experiencing one or more issues with your feet or ankles, a foot and ankle doctor can assist you with these issues. Even if you believe you only have a slight ankle sprain, doesn’t it make sense to visit a professional rather than making a self-diagnosis? A podiatrist will be able to evaluate any issues you may have with your feet and ankles and provide treatment to address them.

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