Do You Struggle With Kidney Or Urinary Problems? Order From A Medical Supply Store Online

Catheter leg bag extension tubing

Do you struggle with any number of kidney or urinary conditions? Buying from a medical supply store online might be the most useful option for you. Thanks to advances in both technology and transportation the ability to provide for your condition is more accessible than ever before. From a catheter leg bag extension tubing to disposable drain bags, a medical supply store online can provide you with everything you need and more.

Kidney Disease And Failure

One of the most common conditions facing Americans, particularly older populations, is that of kidney disease and kidney failure. When kidney disease reaches the point where a person has less than 10% or 15% of their kidney function available, either a dialysis or kidney transplant is a necessary option. While it’s common for men over the age of 60 to have some form of BPH (short for benign prostatic hyperplasia), not all will have issues with blockage. Nonetheless, medical supplies help immensely in controlling and managing symptoms.

Urinary Incontinence And Bladder Problems

A frequent issue that faces many older and elderly populations is that of urinary incontinence. This is a condition that makes it difficult to control one’s bladder and can have side-effects ranging from discomfort to nausea. The probability of having this condition increases with age — studies have shown this is as high as 15% in individuals aged 65 to 69 years old to 45% in those 85 years old and over.

Tract Infections And Support

A frustration condition that affects all populations is the urinary tract infection. Created when bacteria enters the urinary tract, it can cause anything from extreme discomfort to severe pain. If left untreated it can cause long-term problems. Catheter Associated urinary tract infections (shortened to CAUTI’s) are the most commonly occurring type of healthcare-associated infections, amounting to at least 30% of all healthcare-associated infections reported by hospitals around the country.

Simple Tips And Maintenance

Before you order from a medical supply store online consider these tips to better maintain your leg bag extention tubing and medical supplies. Clean your leg bag every day and replace it when your doctor or nurse tells you to — this will normally be twice per month, though this can change depending on your individual circumstances. Even when your bag is half-full it should be replaced. When you are ready to go to sleep you should change out your leg bag and put on a drainage bag. Cleaning these involve a simple solution of one part vinegar and three parts water, perfect for removing bacteria as well as odor.

Ordering From A Medical Supply Store Online

The convenience of ordering catheterization trays, urological supplies and catheter plugs online can’t be beat. A medical supplier will have all the necessary equipment and accessories to assist with any kidney or urinary related issues you have, allowing you more independence and flexibility than ever before. If you’re still unsure as to which supplies you need or how to use them, check with your regular doctor or nurse and make sure you’re confident before you browse a urological supply store.

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