What is a Medicare Supplement Plan?

You may already know medicare doesn’t cover everything. This means you are responsible for deductibles and 20% of the cost unless you buy a medicare supplement plan. Keep reading to learn what a medicare supplement plan is and why you should get one.

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Hospital bills can add up quickly, especially when you’re paying a deductible and 20% of the cost. By getting a medicare supplement plan, you could pay little to nothing. Most supplement plans even give you more in-patient hospital days than medicare does.

Some Medicare supplement plans allow you to see any doctor in the United States and have coverage. This is especially important if you need to see a specialist since you won’t need to worry about referrals and can focus on taking care of your health.

There are different Medicare supplement plans available for any budget. If you don’t use your medical insurance often, a cheaper supplement plan could be right for you, but if you use your insurance frequently, it’ll be worth paying for the costlier plan.

To learn more about medicare supplement plans, watch the video above!

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