What Do ENT Physicians Do?

Your primary care doctor can handle most of your concerns, but if you are experiencing issues with the ears, nose, or throat, you may be referred to ENT physicians. Keep reading to learn what ENT physicians do.

Let’s start with what ENT physicians are. ENT Physicians cover any problems with the ears, nose, or throat in detail.

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They can manage your condition medically but also offer surgical intervention if needed.

Some common issues that ENT physicians deal with are chronic ear problems like chronic otitis media or swimmer’s ear, chronic tonsil problems, problems swallowing, voice problems, nasal problems like obstruction, allergies, and sinus problems. There are many more ear, nose, and throat issues that ENT physicians deal with other than those listed here

ENT physicians have lots of tools and equipment that they use. They use otoscopes, microscopes, and endoscopes. Nasal endoscopes send light up through a patient’s nose and are used to look for cysts, polyps, swelling, or a crooked septum.

To learn more about what ENT physicians do, the issues they cover, and the tools they use regularly, watch the video above!


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