Medical Treatments for Abdominal Cancer You Should Know About

On the John Hopkins Medicine YouTube channel, Dr. Katy Bever discusses treatments for stomach cancer. The video is titled “Medical Oncology Treatment For Stomach Cancer”. Chemotherapy is a traditional therapy for gastric disorders and is often combined with surgery to prevent reoccurrence. Surgery is often used in early treatment to remove tumors in the stomach.

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An abdominal cancer specialist will often combine surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy in more advanced stages.

Many patients receive immunotherapy in advanced cases using new drugs that target the immune system to help it fight cancer more effectively. These drugs help the immune system recognize the cancer cells as dangerous and help it to fight and destroy them. One drug approved by the FDA is Keytruda and we have had success with treating stomach cancer using it. It has been found in studies that some tumors block signals that help the immune system fight cancer. These drugs help the immune system to destroy cancer cells.

Dr. Katy Bever says there are many new drugs in development for immunotherapy that can help with treatment of early stage of gastric disorders and advanced cases. There are many different treatment options that an abdominal cancer
specialist can use to treat stomach cancer.

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