An Animated Look at the Glaucoma Treatment Procedure

When alternative therapies fail to control your glaucoma, surgery may be your last option to preserve your vision. When you have glaucoma, the pressure inside of your eye (which is typically elevated) damages or threatens to destroy your optic nerve. Your eye can become overinflated like a basketball. Your eye’s fluid cannot properly drain out. This could disrupt your eye’s optic nerve and impair your eyesight.

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To relieve the pressure in your eye, your eye doctor may prescribe oral medication or, less frequently, prescription eye drops. Surgery is the next option if medication is ineffective.

You might wish to try a glaucoma treatment procedure instead if the medication has serious adverse effects including impotence, high blood pressure, or a quick heartbeat. When eye pressure is excessive and vision is at risk, some patients require it right away. You’ll recover at home for roughly a week following the glaucoma treatment procedure. Your doctor might recommend specific guidelines or safety measures. Avoid getting water in your eyes. Your eye may be runny, itchy, or red. There can be a small bump where the incision was made as well. If you wish to understand this procedure better, watch this animation and be informed.


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