FAQs About Gastric Balloon Surgery

A becoming a popular choice for many patients looking forward to losing weight is a gastric balloon surgery. This video answers some of the most asked questions about the surgery. Patients who are concerned about the safety and procedure of the gastric balloon can learn not only about the design of the balloon but also its comfortability once inserted into the stomach. It answers some of your worries, “Will I be able to do any extreme physical activities? Or feel normal?” Well, this video is for you.

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The gastric balloon can make you feel less hungry so that you eat less. You don’t necessarily have to follow any specific diet but always remember that eating healthy helps you reach your goals of losing weight fast. So you may want to consider vegetables and fruits in your diet. The insert of the gastric balloon can take about 20 mins and then removed after 6 months. Patients looking for an alternative to medication and diet methods may consider gastric balloon surgery. Patients may experience side effects that last for a few days after surgery. This video is informative when it comes to gastric balloon surgery.

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