What is Acne?

In this video you will learn all about acne. It begins with a simple definition to help you understand what it is before diving into where it comes from and what it is from a medical perspective. It uses highly detailed digital models of people and diagrams to help with demonstrations so you can follow along and never feel lost during the explanations, even when it uses more complex medical terms.

The video shares what types of people are most likely to get acne as well as where on the body acne is most likely to develop. It then shows and explains the process of how acne forms on the skin and what tends to cause it.

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As it goes through the life cycle of acne, the animated diagrams and models update in real-time so you can follow along and see what would happen to a real person that you wouldn’t normally be able to see due to the slowness and smallness of the process. If you watch this video, you will never wonder about acne again, and it will surely answer all of your questions.


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