Are Metal or Clear Braces Right for You?

Also known as plastic or ceramic brackets, clear braces are generally more expensive than metal braces. However, price should not be the main reason for choosing what kind of braces to use. Here are some tips from Quast Orthodontics on choosing which braces are best.


Clear braces are often preferred by adults because they are not as visible as metal braces.

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They hide the fact that braces are being worn. Connecting wires in the braces can be clear or colored, with the clear being more expensive.


Although they may look more appealing, clear braces are often not as strong as metal braces. Because they are not as strong, they cannot be tied down to the teeth with as much force as metal braces.

Making Adjustments

Although both types of braces stick onto the teeth in the same way, any adjustments that need to be made are easier to be done with metal braces than clear braces. Sometimes any adjustments for clear braces mean that an entirely new set of braces needs to be made.

Ability to Stain

Ceramic braces are far more prone to staining than metal braces. Avoiding dark-colored food or drinks and brushing immediately after eating or drinking helps reduce the chance of staining. Drinking with a straw also helps reduce staining, since the straw helps the liquid bypass the teeth.

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