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Massage Therapy Could It Make A Difference In Your Life?

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It can be extremely difficult to deal with chronic pain — especially when there’s no obvious “cure” for that pain. There are many reasons why people have chronic pain issues, as you’ll see below. However, in many cases people who live chronic pain aren’t necessarily ill to the point that their actual health is affected — but the pain is demoralizing and in some cases truly debilitating. In this case, you may want to look for alternative ways of relieving that pain. While prescription medications can help, they aren’t for everyone. Side effects and the risk of addiction makes them unrealistic for certain patients; and for that matter, many of these medications don’t do enough to really help with the pain. Many patients want to seek out more natural and holistic options — and to do so, they con

5 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health

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If you are losing your hair there could be many different reasons for this. It can be embarrassing to lose your hair, especially if you are young and in decent shape. There are various treatments that you could try in order to get your hair to come back or at least make it appear that it is still there. Seeing a hair loss specialist will help you to understand what options you have. However, even the best hair loss specialist isn’t going to be able to help you through the emotional factors of hair loss. They can tell you all about hair r

5 Reasons Why Seeing a Marriage Counselor is a Good Idea

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Marriage intensives are intended to revive a marriage and help a couple through a struggling point of their marriage. Everyone goes through them. Even so, when you are the one struggling, it’s easy to feel alone. You don’t realize that everyone goes through high and low points in their marriage. Or maybe you realize it but you don’t think that you should have to go through such a low point. But that’s what marriage intensives and couples therapy is for. Here are a few of the reasons why you and your partner should decide to give couples counseling a try.

It’s a Chance to Open Up
After you have been married awhile, it can get

Do You Suffer from Chronic Headaches Behind the Eyes?

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You knew your oldest son was not feeling well the minute you saw him at the airport.
Your husband and two sons were both in the terminal to greet you when you returned from your business trip. One look and you could tell that your older son had both an ashen look and super dark circles under his eyes, both impending signs of one of his chronic migraines.
You initially held out a little hope that he was just anxious and excited about your return, but it seems like he would have been nervous when you left, not when you got home. You hope to have more answers soon. He has an upper and lower GI scope scheduled, and you are hoping to rule out some possible problems. It is not necessarily a relief when test after test comes back negative, but you feel like you are closer to getting an answer. Yo

How Ibogaine Therapy Works

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If you, or someone you care about, is addicted to opiates, the first thing you should know is that there is help available, and that you are not alone. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that in 2014, almost two million Americans (over the age of 12) had a substance use disorder involving prescription pain relievers, heroin, or other opiates. The year before that, 6.5 million Americans reported they had used prescription drugs recreationally within the month prior to the survey. Sadly, the highest rate of illicit drug use is among those aged 18 to 25. A 2014 report claimed that there are approximately 8,000 new drug users daily; 54% of between 12- 18 years old. That is a frightening statistic, but one that?s all too real. However, if this is where you find yourself, or a loved one, don?t giv

Are You Ready to Follow Through on a Serious New Year’s Resolution?

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New Year’s Resolution Review:
2014- Eat more fruit. Success!
2015- Return shopping cart to the inside of the store, every time. Success (mostly)!
2016- Clean dryer lint trap after every single load. Success!
2017- Use less plastic. Is it possible to be free of both resealable bags and plastic covering? You have a year to figure it out.
Maybe it is time to get real. For the last four years it has been important to set goals that were attainable. Having three children in the last four years has required quite a bit of energy. Quite a bit of organization. Quite a bit of patience and perseverance. The fact that the the oldest of the three children has started preschool full time now leaves you with a little bit of time for yourself.
And this year you are going to use your time

Where to Go When You Need Medical Care

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As Americans, we are fortunate to have several options for medical care when we need it. When we need medical help, we can seek care with a primary care physician. We can go to an urgent care clinic. We can get treatment at a emergency walk in clinic.

We have so many options that it might be hard to know when to get care at which. In some cases, you get the same treatment from more than one yep of medical facility. Maybe you need a prescription for antibiotics to treat an infection. You could get that from your regular doctor, or you could get it from a walk in urgent care facility. If you require fracture care, your doctor probably can’t help you, but it might be appropriate to go to an emergency walk in clinic or a

Why Suffer? Visit a Foot and Ankle Specialist for Diagnosis and Treatment

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Were you aware that the average adult takes between 4,000-to-6,000 steps every day? When someone experiences foot and ankle problems, however, they will obviously take fewer steps and the ones they do take will cause them foot and ankle pain.

Foot problems are common in the United States, and 75%-to-80% of adults have some type of issue with their feet. Many of these issues are a result of foot and ankle injuries sustained while engaged in sports and other activities. Ankle strains and sprains have occurred with approximately 60% of the people 17 and over that have sustained an injury.

When injuries do occur, it’s important to visit a foot and ankle specialist, such as a podiatric physician. These medical professionals are responsible for treating the following percentage of issues: