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Pros and Cons to the ER and Urgent Clinics

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Walk in clinic colorado springs

If you are like most of American, then you probably think that the emergency room and an urgent care unit are the same thing but this is far from true. There are quite a few differences between the two. Each have their differences that come with pros and cons. Let’s look over a few of those.

Emergency Room Advantages

  1. If you are having a life threatening emergency, you will be placed at the top of the list and won’t have to wait.
  2. If you aren’t sure where your condition should take you, the ER will take every situation, you may just have to wait a little longer if the issue turns out to be non life threatening.
  3. Emergency room doctors are trained to handle basically any situation that comes their way.
  4. They are open 24 hours a day,

What do You Know About Massage? The Important Basics to Keep in Mind

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Medical massage

If you talk to a massage therapist, you?re likely to hear at length the benefits of getting a great massage. The thing is, they?re not learning. A great massage really and truly can be beneficial to both your body and mind. Here?s what you need to know exactly.

Health Benefits of Therapeutic Massages

Did you know that 92% of people agree that massages can be effective for reducing pain? Believe it or not, many insurance plans actually cover the cost of massage in certain countries (like Germany) because the benefits are so well understood.

About 54% of Americans who opt for a massage aren?t doing so just to relax (though that is a great benefit) — they?re doing it so that they can manage pain, soreness or stiffness, or even work toward rehabilitating an energy. Continue Reading No Comments

What 6 Telemedicine Trends Say About the Future of Healthcare

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Telemedicine platform

Telemedicine is becoming the technology age’s answer to better patient healthcare. Almost 90% of healthcare executives agreed telemedicine is likely to transform healthcare in the U.S. over the next decade. The growth projections for and trends in telemedicine seem to agree. In 2013, there were 350,000 patients using telemedicine. By 2018, that number is expected to increase by 20 times to 7 million patients utilizing telehealth services.

What exactly is telemedicine?

In broadest terms, telemedicine is the use of electronic communications to improve the patient-clinician experience. From two-way video conferencing to email and, of course, smart phone apps, telehealth solutions strive to make healthcar

Drug Treatment Centers Are Standing By To Help Those Suffering From Drug Addiction

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Ibogaine treatment center

There are many types of addictions out there; adderall addiction, alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, methadone addiction, opiate addiction, and more. Fortunately for drug users looking to get clean and find some help, there are many reputable drug treatment centers out there that specialize in helping people overcome their addictions. There are also treatment centers geared towards combating specific addictions, like an ibogaine treatment center. Whatever the addiction, people can take comfort in knowing that there are outlets available providing the help and guidance they need.

Just how rampant is drug usa

Four Tips for Giving Yourself the Gift of a Happy and Healthy Life

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Scientific diet

It is no secret that Americans have unhealthy lifestyle habits, which put stress on our bodies and harms our quality of life. Many of the most common ailments that Americans suffer from are environmentally-based. Almost one-quarter of Americans suffer from digestive diseases, often a product of the highly-processed foods we eat. Millions of people suffer from mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Many times, this is a result of not taking care of ourselves. Sometimes, it is a secondary symptoms of another health condition, such as migraines or sleep disorders, that could be treated holistically if we followed healthier lifestyle p

Tuboplasty Can Be the Answer Couples Have Been Waiting For

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Getting pregnant after tubal reversal

Many couples in our modern day society have trouble conceiving a child for a number of reasons. With our modern day medicine, it can sometimes feel for those couples as if they are doing something wrong. After all, so many other couples are getting pregnant; why can’t they? Infertility, however, does not play favorites or select one couple over another. There are a number of reasons couples may not be able to conceive. With that modern day medicine alluded to earlier which may invoke unrealistic reasons for infertility comes very viable procedures that could very well assist a couple with their dream of a baby.

Couples are considered to be infertile if they have been trying to conceive for a year or more and have been unsuccessful regardless of the reason. Of women who have suffered fro

Three Keys to the Perfect Skin Routine

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Private label pharmaceuticals

Everyone is looking for the fountain of youth and is searching for ways to have young, flawless, and perfect skin. And while a one-off solution sounds ideal, the truth is that there’s no universal skin care routine that works for everyone that will result in flawless skin without wrinkles or damage. Just like your personality is different from others’, your skin is entirely different too. That being said, it’s essential to come up with a skin routine that caters to its unique needs and demands.
So how does one find a skin routine that right for their unique skin needs? The key is to just start with a routine and adjust as needed. If you have acne, for example, finding the right

The Dirty Secret Emergency Rooms Don’t Want You To Know

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Urgent care lakewood

While the merits of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act are debatable, it did highlight one stark fact of American life today: our healthcare system is pushed to its limits. Between high costs, overflowing facilities, and inefficient record-keeping, it’s clear that our health care system is in dire need of repair or complete overhaul. In the United States, only 29% of primary care doctors have after hours urgent care coverage. That means if you face an emergency after working hours, your only option is an emergency department. However, from 2003 through 2009, the mean wait time in U.S. emergency departments (EDs) increased 25%, from 46.5 minutes to 58.1 minutes. If you face an emergency, can you afford to wait that long?

Wait time isn’t the only factor affecting the quality of Continue Reading No Comments

4 Reasons Why Rehab is Best

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Adderall addiction treatment

Overcoming an addiction is a challenging and brave thing to do. While there are things such as ibogaine treatment programs and other detoxes that are available, one of the best things a struggling addict that do is to check in to a rehab facility. Everything from alcohol addition to methadone addiction to prescription drugs like oxycodone addiction can be treated in a way that fits the needs of the person. If the addict has decided that it’s time to make a change in their lifestyle, this is the place where they can really implement that determination and focus. Here are a few other reasons why rehab is a good idea.

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Staying Healthy and Keeping Your Joints In Working Order

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Acl repair florida

Staying physically fit and healthy is a goal that many people strive to maintain, and for many it can be quite fun. However without the proper knowledge of how to care for and listen to your body, you can run into some very painful issues. Sports medicine, a field dedicated specifically to sports injuries and the maladies that can be inflicted by physical activity, exists to help active individuals figure out the best way to heal, stay healthy, and continue his or her activity of choice, be it running, biking, swimming, or any number of other sports and activities. Sometimes, it may be beneficial or necessary to consult a specialist in orthopedics, or the area in the medical field that specializes in injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

From arthroscopic knee surgery to s