Four Tips for Giving Yourself the Gift of a Happy and Healthy Life

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It is no secret that Americans have unhealthy lifestyle habits, which put stress on our bodies and harms our quality of life. Many of the most common ailments that Americans suffer from are environmentally-based. Almost one-quarter of Americans suffer from digestive diseases, often a product of the highly-processed foods we eat. Millions of people suffer from mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Many times, this is a result of not taking care of ourselves. Sometimes, it is a secondary symptoms of another health condition, such as migraines or sleep disorders, that could be treated holistically if we followed healthier lifestyle practices.

If you are interested in gaining habits that lead to a healthier lifestyle, and greater happiness and energy, we’ve put together a list of actionable tips that to help you achieve that.

  1. Adopt natural diet practices.

    As the saying goes, “garbage in garbage out.” When the fuel the gives your body the ability to function and repair itself is made up of chemical-laden, processed junk food, it is no surprise that you find yourself struggling to survive.

    We know, in our fast-paced world, is difficult to adopt and stick with a healthy diet. However, giving yourself wholesome, nutrient rich food is the best way to achieve energy and healing for a healthier life.

    By no means are we saying that you should you starve yourself in order to get skinny; that is the opposite of our intent. Focus on eating plenty of delicious food straight from the source (think: raw, natural plant-based ingredients, and lean proteins) to fill yourself up and give yourself the powerful fuel to stay healthy. You will quickly be amazed by the increase in energy and mental clarity that you have when you do this.

  2. Drink lots of water.

    You basically are a walking, talking, pool of water. Your body is about 66% water, and every vital function depends on it to work correctly. Your body needs water to detoxify, maintain a healthy temperature, and to carry vital nutrients to your tissue. Making sure that you get plenty of hydration throughout the day is a key element in gaining a healthier lifestyle.

    Ideally, you should be drinking eight glasses of water per day. And drinking more than that will only help your health, energy level, and mental clarity.

    Bonus tip: If you struggle to drink enough water, try squeezing a lime into it. Not only does the lime give you a better flavor, it helps detoxification, assists absorption of nutrients, and digestion. There are many many health benefits to lime water.

  3. Give yourself the free, natural therapy of sunlight.

    Getting yourself outside, breathing in fresh air, and absorbing sunlight is incredibly good for your health. Sunlight increases your vitamin D levels far more efficiently than any supplement that you can take. Getting enough vitamin D is associated with reducing cancer, cardiac disease, and several other common diseases. It also is great for your mental health, and has shown to naturally reduce the severity of depression. Of course, always apply sunscreen when you going to be in the sun to avoid the harmful radiation of UV rays.

  4. Give yourself the gift of sleep.

    Our “Go go go!” society seldom allows us to get adequate levels of sleep, which is a huge factor in our unhealthy way of life. When you are in your deepest slumber, your body has a chance to renew and heal itself. Your neurotransmitters produce hormones that give you energy, a brighter outlook, and mental clarity. Making sleep a priority helps you in every aspect of gaining a healthier lifestyle. Try going to bed earlier in the evening in order to get plenty of sleep, and give yourself at least one day a week that you do not set your alarm, and let your body wake naturally, after you are fully recharged. By getting enough sleep, you will find every aspect of your health improves.

It is a sad fact that many of us struggle to get through the day, and sludge through exhaustion, depression, and mental fogginess. By giving our bodies lots of natural, nutrient-rich foods for fuel, plenty of water, sunlight, and adequate sleep, we can all lead healthier lifestyles.

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