What do You Know About Massage? The Important Basics to Keep in Mind

Medical massage

If you talk to a massage therapist, you?re likely to hear at length the benefits of getting a great massage. The thing is, they?re not learning. A great massage really and truly can be beneficial to both your body and mind. Here?s what you need to know exactly.

Health Benefits of Therapeutic Massages

Did you know that 92% of people agree that massages can be effective for reducing pain? Believe it or not, many insurance plans actually cover the cost of massage in certain countries (like Germany) because the benefits are so well understood.

About 54% of Americans who opt for a massage aren?t doing so just to relax (though that is a great benefit) — they?re doing it so that they can manage pain, soreness or stiffness, or even work toward rehabilitating an energy. When it comes to the health benefits of therapeutic massages, it?s also worth pointing out that stress reduction can help prevent other health problems from occurring, such as strokes.

Trigger Points

What is a trigger point? When it comes to massage, this is referring to a part of the body that can have an effect on other parts of the body. Your body?s muscles are connected to one another through a complex structure, and this means that touching one point along the structure can sometimes affect the entire structure. Meaning, that simply by poking muscles, nerves, organs or blood vessels, you can effectively impact the entire structure. Massage techniques often address the presence and potential healing power of trigger points in the body.

Using Massage Therapy

If a doctor has recommended massage therapy for you, opt to receive it from a professional. It can be tempting to receive it from someone else, but ultimately a professional is trained to understand the different parts of the body and knows exactly what to do with them. Don’t get confused over the multiple types of massage offered, whether it’s sports massages or thai massages. You basically want to look for a massage that targets the muscles and tissues in your body. Swedish massages are the “most typical” massage you probably familiar with. Deep tissue massages can be good, but make note that they are not recommended for all conditions.

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