Why You Should Host an Onsite Health Fair for Your Community

Health fairs boost employee morale and job satisfaction. 56% of employees on wellness programs call in sick on relatively fewer days, per EBN. However, according to the National Health Institute, 52% of people identify location knowledge as a hindrance to routine healthcare services. What better way to guarantee maximum access than hosting an onsite health fair for your community? If you aren’t conceived, here are four reasons to host a community health fair on-site.

  • Convenience – The health care services come to your premises. Therefore, employees can schedule screening during work time without worrying about leaving the workplace, spending time in a waiting room, navigating complex medical facilities, and beating heavy town traffic.

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  • Boost employee morale – Health fairs provide ample time for employees to leave their usual desks and break the monotony. They can interact with their colleagues, which boosts employees’ morale.
  • No Travel Risk – You have to agree traveling has inherent risks and costs. It’s also time-consuming. Holding onsite health fairs saves you from all these troubles.
  • Enhanced Participation – Onsite fairs encourage employee participation. No traveling worries or scheduling calls. You can even visit the stands for screening during break time.

    Hosting on-site health fairs guarantees easy access and high employee participation. So, if you plan to host a health fair, do it within the business premises. Your employees will have all the reasons to attend. Try it, and you’ll be glad you did.


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