What You Didnt Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

This is an instructional tooth removal video that highlights the different types of wisdom teeth removal that exist and what causes these teeth to need removal.

He details a number of situations where an impacted tooth needs removal and provides a step-by-step narration of how each removal will be conducted. He details a number of wisdom teeth removal procedures such as no bone removal, partial bone removal, full bone removal, removal of upper wisdom teeth without corresponding lower wisdom counterparts and wisdom teeth that need removal due to gum covering that has caused inflammation.

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In his narration, he also touches on the flap repositioning after removal, suture placement and dissolution, socket substitutes used during healing, and different treatment processes in the procedures mentioned. This video also explains what happens with teeth that grow under the tissue, and how they impact adjacent teeth. These teeth also impact the alignment of teeth that have dental aids such as braces, and the narrator demonstrates how this happens.
The video provides a clear picture for anyone who needs to understand the procedures as a patient or reader.

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