Drastically Reduce Your Chance of Developing Cavities with These Tips

According to dentists, You can drastically reduce your chance of getting cavities with a few simple tricks. They may seem like minor nuisances, but you will be glad in the end when you get a good report from your dentist. In this video, you will learn about these tricks.

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Speaking of your dentist, make sure you have regular appointments scheduled. If not, the dentist will not be able to identify any potential cavities that are developing. Before you know it, the cavity could grow into a painful large hole in your tooth. This is why regular appointments are important.

To prevent cavities in the first place, consider adjusting your diet. People who eat more fermentable carbs and sugars are more likely to develop cavities. This is because bacteria also feast on these foods. This is not good because these bacteria are the cause of cavities. They produce a burning acid that breaks down your teeth over time. This causes cavities which is also known as tooth decay or dental caries.

Sometimes cavities develop even when people are brushing their teeth. Unfortunately, there are many nooks and crannies where the bacteria can hide. This is why flossing is crucial. Consider using a Waterpik to clean out these hard to reach spaces.


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