What You Can Expect From the Eye Doctor Office

Many skip annual eye doctor visits because they assume their eyes are perfect. But eye doctor visits do more than treat poor vision. Regular visits to eye dr offices could enable you to diagnose health problems like glaucoma and diabetes early enough.
So what can you expect from an eye doctor’s office? Read on to find out. Once you fill out the patient paperwork, the doctor will ask you about your general health and eye disease history in your family.

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The doctor will then check your ability to see from close and far distances using charts with random letters. They will also test your side vision, ability to see in 3-D, and color perception. To test for glaucoma, the doctor will numb your eye with an eye drop and measure your eye pressure with a tonometer.
The doctor will also use eye drops to dilate your pupils. Dilating pupils gives for a clearer of the inside of your eye. For a detailed guide on what to expect from eye doctors offices, watch the video in the link above and contact us if you need an eye checkup.

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