Before You Work for a Commercial Electrical Company, Watch This Health and Safety Video

Working around electricity is very risky, especially for electrical apprentices, because they have limited knowledge and expertise in the field. Failure to observe health and safety measures could result in electric shocks, fires, or even death.

So, if you are an electric apprentice, you should be aware of and observe the following health and safety measures before working for a commercial electrical company.
Ensure you are supervised by an electrical worker licensed to do the project you are working on.

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Your employer should ensure that the supervisor is an expert in the field, has the required experience, and gives you the appropriate amount of supervision you need as you work.

If you are working in risky, tiny, and dark places like ceilings, they may have exposed live wiring. Therefore, you should ensure that all the circuit points are identified, isolated, and de-energized before you start working to prevent shocks or fire breakouts.
Your health and safety come first. Watch the health and safety video above to find out more about how you could protect yourself before you work for a commercial electrical company.

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