What You Can Expect from Orthopedic Specialist Services for an ACL Injury

The anterior cruciate ligament is one of four main tendons connecting the femur to the tibia (the thigh to the leg). ACL tears happen commonly in sports when an athlete rotates the thigh, but not the lower leg. Orthopedic specialist services are intended to help you through the surgical process of restoring a torn ACL to proper functioning.

After the patient is under anesthesia, the condition of the cartilage can be assessed and the doctors will graft the torn portion of the ligament.

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Attachment points for the new ligament are made by drilling holes through the surrounding bones. Proper ACL function and range of motion are later achieved through physical training and strengthening the muscles around the knee joint.

ACL injuries can be serious and painful, so be sure to contact orthopedic services immediately upon sustaining an injury to any joint within the body that becomes painful to move, or swollen.

Swelling and soreness may occur initially after the surgery, but after six to eight weeks the injury will be on the fast track to healing. Orthopedic specialist services deal with all sorts of mobility impairments and are dedicated to getting you back on your feet, working and doing the things you love.


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