The Importance of Flu Shots

Every year flu shots are recommended to us, but why are they important? And how do they work? In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of flu shots.

TED-Ed explains that each year samples are taken from flu patients and they are sent to scientists who will work on a vaccine. The flu requires constant research because there are many different strains and every year the specific strain that is common may change. This means that the flu shot you got last year is not going to protect you from the flu this year.

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Scientists are always working to figure out which strain of the flu is going to be present in a given year. They must take all of the research they have in front of them and make a decision on what to protect against.

The vaccine also is important in helping protect people who may not be able to get it themselves. This is because if enough people around them are vaccinated then they have a much lower chance that they will be infected. In other words, there is no one around them who can even give them the flu because they are all protected.


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