What Is A Herniated Disk and How To Fix It

Few things will ruin your plans and land you in bed or on the couch faster than back pain. When back pain gets severe, even sitting, walking, or standing can become excruciatingly painful. There are many types of back injuries but as addressed in this YouTube video, one of the most common is a herniated disk.

In the spine, there are soft spongy areas that are known as spinal disks. These protect the spinal cord and allow the vertebrae to move and shift as you bend without the bones rubbing together.

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When an injury to the disk area occurs, the spinal cord can become pinched or rubbed and the bones of the spine can rub together. All of this can cause a wide range of pain, weakness, tingling, and other symptoms in the back.

Herniated disk treatment options vary and depend largely on several key factors such as where in the spine the disk injury is, how many disc and vertebrae are affected, what symptoms are being seen, what caused the injury, and how the individual has responded to basic home care and treatment. Talking with a spinal doctor is the best way to narrow down treatment options and find the right herniated disk treatment for your individual needs.

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