What Exactly is a Health Care Surrogate

Designating a health care surrogate can be the first step in establishing a care plan for your family. It’s crucial to legally appoint someone to act as your surrogate in the event that you become incapacitated. Just make sure to get the help of reputable health care surrogate attorneys to assist you in this important decision.

With this legal document, your surrogate has the authority to manage your medical treatment. Almost similar to a Special Power of Attorney, the appointed person can handle your health care matters for you if you become mentally or physically unable to.

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The designated person can also make health care decisions and communicate with your doctors on your behalf.

Patients with a chronic illness may still be able to make decisions regarding their treatment but lack the physical energy to manage it. In these cases, designating a surrogate can be beneficial. That’s why some people choose to authorize their surrogate as their representative even if they’re not incapacitated.

People who take many medications may find it challenging to communicate with doctors and remember everything in the conversation. So if you are dealing with a long-term medical problem or considering getting surgery with a lengthy recovery period, designating a surrogate may be the best option.

In this video by Roland “Chip” Waller from Waller & Mitchell Attorneys at Law, you’ll understand if you need the services of health care surrogate attorneys.


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