Urgent Care Clinics An Alternative to Visiting the Hospital Emergency Room

When someone is in need of medical help, they may ask,”Is there an emergency room near me?” If their medical situation is such that they do need to go to a traditional hospital emergency room, then it is likely in their best interests to do so. However, if the issue they are experiencing is not life-threatening, then they can receive quality care at the nearest urgent care clinic. Studies have shown that many individuals seek treatment at hospital emergency rooms for issues that could be treated at urgent care clinics.

Urgent care medicine is a growing specialty, and there are 20,000 physicians that are now working within this field. The Urgent Care Association of America reports that approximately three million people are treated at various urgent care locations every week. One of the many reasons why urgent care walk-in clinics are a convenient option is because 85% are open throughout the entire week. Furthermore, some of these clinics are also open for extended hours. These facilities are also convenient because advance appointments aren’t required.

There are a considerable number of medical issues and conditions that can be treated at an urgent care clinic. This includes sports injuries such as muscle strains and sprains as well as fractures. Urgent care clinics can also evaluate and provide treatment for strep throat, ear infections, and the flu. Bladder infections, STDs, and other common infections can also be diagnosed and treated. Vaccinations and other types of preventative care are available. Furthermore, many urgent care clinics have sophisticated diagnostic equipment and lab services.

When someone is experiencing chronic pain or has sustained an injury, physical therapy may be prescribed to assist them. Given this, it’s important to note that patients may have several physical therapy options at a local urgent care facility. Just one of these is working with physical therapy equipment.

If you’re asking, “Is there an emergency room near me?” take a moment to consider whether your medical situation could be treated at an urgent care center instead. In addition to less waiting time and reduced costs, there is the added convenience of not having to make an appointment. Once you’ve been treated at an urgent care center, you’ll be able to learn more about all of the services that they have available.

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