Treatment Options for Weight Loss, Breast Cancer, and/or Chronic Pain

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Medical needs are ever-increasing in the United States. More and more Americans are dealing with medical issues, wherein current data believes that the U.S. will need nearly 52,000 more physicians by 2025 to help aid Americans healthcare needs. But, as of now, there are thankfully enough medical professionals to help with the various, concerning issues.

If you’ve been affected by any recent medical concerns — worries of being overweight/obese, noticing a breast lump underneath your breast, or dealing with chronic pain from day-to-day — there are ways in which you can easily obtain treatment, meeting with a physician to receive recommendations for treatment options.

Weight Loss Surgery Options

The condition of being “overweight” is medically defined as when someone’s weight is either 10%-20% above “normal,” or where their body mass index (BMI) is between 25 to 30. The condition of obesity, which 33% of Americans have, is defined as when an individual’s BMI is over 30. If you are someone that lies within these two categories and has been unsuccessful at losing weight and dieting on your own, there are weight loss surgery options. Meeting with a physician and surgery to discuss the possible procedures, you can enter into a medical plan to successfully lose weight, the most popular of which tend to be lap band surgery or gastric bypass surgery.

Checking for Breast Cancer on a Breast Lump

Nearly 40% of all men and women will be diagnosed with cancer sometime during their lifetimes. There are ways to keep an eye on cancer before it becomes more prominent though, especially for women, where an average of 12% American women are diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life. One of the first ways for women to stay safe is to continually check for breast lumps, otherwise, any unnatural lumps you might not have felt on your breasts beforehand. By moving the pads of your fingers around your entire breast, you can efficiently check for breast lumps.

Getting a mammography from your physician is equally as effective, one that is performed by a professional. It is said that women, between the age of 65 to 74, who receive a mammography screening every two years can greatly reduce the risk of deaths related to breast cancer. If anything is seen on the screening, or if you happen to find a breast lump and talk to your physician, you can effectively begin setting up a medical plan to receive breast cancer treatment.

Rehabbing Chronic Pain Issues

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke have reported that 80% of all adults will have some form of lower back pain at one point in their life. Similarly, lower back pain, or any other form of chronic-pain symptoms, have been reported as negatively impacting the lives of almost 60% of all Americans each year. If you are one of these people affected by chronic pain, you can easily meet with your physician to seek out treatment options. There are a variety of options to help with chronic pain, whether that be prescribed pain medication, physical therapy rehab, or, if the injury is serious enough, surgery. While it might seem troubling at first, the options are nothing to be afraid of, as they are ones that will allow for you to reduce or completely eliminate your chronic pain symptoms and causes.

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