Medical Care Clinics Why Postpone Medical Attention When There’s a Local Urgent Care Facility?

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When busy individuals need urgent care, they can go to a local walk-in medical care clinic. Urgent care clinics are a convenient place to seek medical attention for everything from a flu vaccination to a cut that may need stitches. One important benefit of seeking medical attention at one of these clinics is that appointments don’t need to be made in advance. Another benefit is that most of these medical care clinics are open throughout the entire week. Furthermore, patients usually only need to wait about 15 minutes to see a physician or other health care professional.

Americans come down with the proverbial common cold about one billion times a year. While symptoms usually last between 48 hours to two weeks, the average person may only suffer with a cold for ten days. Even though some Americans may not visit the doctor when they have a cold, they may reconsider this choice if it’s accompanied by a high fever or other symptoms arise.

An average of five percent to 20% of Americans get the flu every year. While some Americans may choose to have flu shots, others do not for a variety of reasons. Flu shots are often recommended even though there are different strains of flu that emerge every year.

Many people have known allergies, while others may not be aware of these until they have an allergic reaction. Around 85% of the people within this country, for example, are allergic to poison ivy. Since the only two states that don’t have poison ivy are Alaska and Hawaii, it’s not unusual for people within the other states to be exposed.

Injuries such as ankle sprains and fractures occur on a regular basis. Every day, an estimated 25,000 Americans sustain an ankle sprain. Bone fractures are also common. These types of injuries can occur when someone is engaged in sports or other types of physical activities.

Urinary tract infections are another issue that tends to require urgent care treatment. On an annual basis, doctors see approximately 8.1 million patients to treat this infection.

When people have busy schedules, it is often challenging to create the time to seek medical assistance. Given the convenient locations and hours of medical care clinics, it makes sense for people to seek the care they need rather than postpone it. Even though a medical issue may not be serious, it’s makes that much more sense for a physician to make that assessment.

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