The Most Common Illnesses And Infections Affecting Young American Adults

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Your health is an ongoing thing. There is no such thing as a perfectly healthy person, after all, and it is your responsibility to keep a close eye on your mental and physical wellness so you can live your very best life. What does this entail? This can mean regular check-ups with your regular doctor to ensure you’re not developing anything harmful right under your own nose. This can mean changing your diet to better reflect your unique lifestyle and calorie requirements. As awareness of safe sex habits increases in the mainstream, this also means fast STD testing to eliminate any fears about your sexual health.

An STD test can be done quickly and efficiently at a free health clinic or with your regular doctor.

What are common health issues plaguing American adults? You can likely imagine a few in your own life. Headaches and migraines affect millions of Americans at any given time, caused by genetics or work stress, while abdominal issues are one of the most common reasons people will seek out after hours urgent care. A sedentary lifestyle, regular smoking, a poor diet and hereditary conditions can all add up to a less healthy life with serious consequences down the road. Checking up on your health, however, can prevent a lot of minor and moderate issues from getting worse.

Mental illness is also more rampant than previously given credit for, leading many doctors to start referring their patients to therapists as often as more conventional referrals. According to studies provided by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, rates of depression in elderly populations can be as low as 3% and as high as 14%. Nearly one in 20 adults over the age of 65 also suffer from a form of memory loss, which can be the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Chronic anxiety remains the most common form of mental illness in the general American population.

Before we look into fast STD testing, it bears repeating the dangers of sun damage. Thanks to mainstream popularity and glorification of tanning beds and salons, sun damage has spread exponentially over the years. It’s estimated skin cancer rates have tripled since the 1970’s due to the gradual depletion of the atmosphere’s protective layer, making even minor negligence a problem that could be deadly years down the line. Sun damage also contributes up to 80% of skin aging, such as wrinkles and spots, and can be avoided with a good sunscreen and sun exposure.

Not every stop by your family health care clinic needs to be an event. A brief check-up on all the basics, ranging from your heart to your mental health, can clear up any underlying issues and keep you fighting fit — many debilitating diseases, in fact, could have been avoided or better cured through early detection. Although you should search your options for a state insurance that suits your budget, there are free STD centers and low-income family health physicians that can assist you with medication, flu shots and fast STD testing.

STD is short for ‘sexually transmitted disease’ and sees over 20 million cases brought up yearly. Syphilis, genital warts, gonorrhea and chlamydia are but a few of the sexually transmitted diseases that are contracted on a regular basis. It’s thought as many as one out of every five young adults will be checked for an STD (or an STI). Although some sexually transmitted diseases are easily cured, others can only have their symptoms managed.

A sexually transmitted disease is gained through unsafe sex. It’s important to know the difference between myth and fact when becoming sexually active so you and your partner can remain healthy. Oral sex can spread an STD. STD symptoms are not always obvious to the naked eye and many people remain undiagnosed for years. Birth control is not a preventative measure for STDs (aside from the physical barrier provided by condoms, though these can break and leave you vulnerable).

Whether or not you suspect you have an STD, getting fast STD testing at a free walk in clinic will give you and your partner peace-of-mind. Stay healthy this year and take charge of your personal health.

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