Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care if You Suffer from Daily, Chronic Pain

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Are you suffering from daily pain that makes it more difficult for you to get up and be active? It?s not uncommon to begin struggling to get around the older you get. Whether you?re dealing with a chronic condition or simply have a bad back, bad knee, or some other part of your body that?s bothering you, it can be frustrating to deal with every single day. While you can do exercises to learn how to manage your pain, it?s always best to visit a physical therapist or an urgent care clinic if you think your situation should be evaluated by a professional.

Interested in learning more about chronic conditions that may be causing your daily pain? Keep reading for more information about the benefits of visiting physical therapy or an urgent care facility to treat your pain.

How Your Body Changes as You Age Resulting in Potential Chronic Pain

For those who are part of the Baby Boomers generation, you may have noticed that you experience may pain than you used to. It?s not uncommon for individuals to feel pain more frequently when they get older. In fact, statistics show that nearly 60% of Baby Boomers will be diagnosed with some type of chronic condition by the year 2030.

Due to chronic conditions and changes in bodies, statistics also show that Baby Boomers are becoming less active on a monthly basis as they age. Currently, around 10% of Baby Boomers only get some type of physical activity once or twice a month. On top of pain, as we age, we can also experience other symptoms like dizziness and loss of balance that affect our daily lives. For those over 60 years of age, around 65% experience those symptoms on a daily basis.

Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care or Physical Therapist

You may be wondering when you should visit an urgent care facility or physical therapist in regards to pain you may feel or a chronic condition. It is always better to visit a medical professional, get a diagnosis, and come up with a treatment plan before doing anything else. You cannot diagnose yourself or decide how much exercise is or isn?t good for you depending on your pain level. The help of a medical professional ensures you are taking care of yourself and your body properly.

That being said, if you are part of the 69% of people who claim they experience back pain every day to the point that it impacts their quality of life, you should seek advice from a medical professional about how to proceed. About 40% of the time, people attempt to treat back pain by working out. Depending on what your doctor says, this may be an optional treatment plan for you. However, your doctor may instead or also recommend that you visit with a physical therapist to see if that helps, too.

If you make an effort to schedule physical therapy and go regularly to your appointments, you may be able to help relieve some of your back pain or pain you have elsewhere in your body. On top of that, by seeking treatment through a physical therapist rather than ignoring your pain, you can potentially save money and time in the long run. Statistics show that those who attended physical therapy early on usually saved around $2,700 on medical costs for lower back pain.

By being proactive and addressing your pain, you can help yourself in so many ways. You may even be able to get more mobility back. If you?re someone that enjoys being physically active, exercising, and getting up and around with little to no pain, there?s no reason to put off visiting an urgent care when you feel pain or a physical therapist. They will be able to offer you the diagnosis, help, and treatment you need to live your life to its fullest instead of living with daily pain.

Do you have a chronic condition or pain that you deal with every day? Have you tried visiting an urgent care or a physical therapist to find out your diagnosis and treatment options? Let us know in the comments about your experience living with pain.

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