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If you are interested in getting new glasses, you may have a lot of questions about how to get them and whether some of the steps are available to do online. Whether you want silhouette glasses or you want your glasses to have frames, there are often ways to make getting your glasses much more convenient. You may wonder- can I use vision insurance online? In general, yes, most types of vision insurance can be used online to buy contacts or glasses. Can you buy glasses online without prescription? You can buy reading glasses that have a specific resolution, and you can match this to your own prescription.

Can you buy progressive lenses online? If you have your prescription, you can buy progressive lenses online. However, it’s usually better to get these in person. You can get your eye measured in person and get a pair that is well-balanced for you. Can you buy sunglasses with vision insurance? For most vision insurance policies, yes. You can buy prescription sunglasses with the insurance, but it may make you choose between regular glasses and sunglasses and will cover only one of them. This can be a hard choice between the two for many people.


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Despite the pervasiveness of the Web, the hundreds of millions of dollars Americans spend online each year, and the bargains that can be found on the internet, many eyeglass wearers remain reluctant to buy spectacles online. The most obvious reason for their hesitance can be attributed to the common preference to try on a few different eyeglass frames before settling upon which ones to buy.

While this certainly is a legitimate reason for concern, less than one percent of online eyeglasses buyers express dissatisfaction with their purchases. Although buying glasses online does require more responsibility from the buyer, the advantages of purchasing spectacles online is usually well worth the effort.

Although over half of all glasses purchased in the United States cost less than 150 dollars a pair, the bulk of those are purchased at discount brick and mortars. Although it’s nice to save money whenever possible, your eyesight deserves the best that money can buy. For this reason, many eyeglass wearers choose to buy the highest quality spectacles from the leaders in designer eye wear.

For discriminating eye glass customers with a preference for upscale eyeglass frames, purchasing spectacles online can be an excellent option. One of the foremost advantages of buying from online eyeglass retailers is the wide selections they can offer. Since there are several fine eyeglass brands and styles, and no single brand dominating the market, it can be challenging for buyers to settle upon one perfect pair.

By shopping online for glasses, customers can take their time browsing among hundreds of choices of frames and lenses by the leading names in premium crafted eye wear. This means that customers can relax and not feel pressured by sales people; and they will be less likely to buy on impulse. Since most eyeglass wearers have to live with their glasses for 2 to 3 years, it is in their best interest to make right choice of frames the first time.

Since purchasing eye wear online is still a relatively new concept, it’s understandable that some people might be concerned about ordering eyeglass frames without trying them on. However, with an unmatched commitment to customer service, excellent product warranties, and liberal return and exchange policies, it is difficult to find a reason not to purchase your next pair of eyeglasses online.
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