How Can You Get Treatment for Your Hemorrhoids? Three Tips

How to get rid of a hemorrhoid for good

Did you know that about 50% of Americans age 50 or older have hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are blood and lymph vessel sacs that form in the rectum. These areas become inflamed and swollen. In Ancient Greece, treatment for this condition involved ripping out the polyps with bare fingers. Luckily, treatment today is less gruesome and painful. Here are three important things you should know about ways to get rid of hemorrhoids.

1. Can You Get Rid of Hemorrhoids for Good?

In many cases, yes. A lot of people assume hemorrhoids, once they start, are basically incurable. However, this doesn’t need to be the case, especially with changes to diet and care. Many people often develop them as a result of temporary situation, such as pregnancy, and the hemorrhoid goes away after this occurs. Hemorrhoids are usually the result of pressure on the anal or rectal veins.

2. Typical Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Treatment depends on the severity of the hemorrhoid. A grade one hemorrhoid, for example, is very small, and can often be treated with creams, ointments, and suppositories. A grade four hemorrhoid, on the other hand, has prolapsed and will constantly hang out of the rectum, and can cause much pain if it gets twisted or clotted. These will usually be removed with a simple incision. Other common procedures for treatment include rubber band ligation, injections, and heat coagulation. Ask your doctor what the best procedure will be for your specific condition.

3. Can I Get Hemorrhoid Treatment at Home?

Many people are afraid, or embarrassed, of going to the doctor to treat this issue. Keep in mind that doctors are accustomed to dealing with many types of problems, and have worked with numerous other people to solve this issue. That said, there are a few options for home treatment. One of the best changes you can make is to change your diet. Ingest more fiber and drink more water for softer stools, and take vitamin C supplementation to help boost your immunity.

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