The Importance Of Caring For Your Skin

Taking care of your skin is important. After all, it’s the biggest organ on the entire human body, though many of us do not often think of it in that way. We have to protect it and care for it well, by seeing a dermatologist regularly and seeking out aesthetician services. From varicose vein therapy to the early detection of skin cancer, you must be diligent about any change in your skin and treat it promptly.

Many people seek out aesthetician services in order to improve the quality of their skin. Aesthetician services can include services such as facials, which can promote healthy skin as well as increased levels of relaxation. Aesthetician services may also include acne treatment, from minor cases to more severe ones that may even require prescription medications.

While aesthetician services tend to treat your outward physical appearance, an important component of our lives for the majority of us, it is equally as important to a see a dermatologist regularly in order to avoid serious illness resulting from a skin condition. The biggest concern for most people is skin cancer, of which nearly two hundred thousand cases of one type (melanoma) are diagnosed in the United States in just one year alone. Every single day, nearly ten thousand people are newly diagnosed with skin cancer at various stages and twenty percent of all people in the United States will develop it at some point in their lives. The lucky are able to be treated promptly before the cancer spreads past the original site, often a mole, but many are not. The resulting treatment often includes chemotherapy, radiation, and sometimes even surgery. In cases that are resistant to the typical treatments, death occurs.

As any dermatologist or skin care professional (like someone who provides aesthetician services) will tell you, it is important to know your body and your risk factors. For instance, tanning – either in the sun or in a tanning salon – significantly increases your risk of developing skin cancer. As young women and adolescent girls are among the most likely to use a tanning salon to get a tan, it is important that they are extra vigilant about the condition of their skin. Any new changes to your skin should be looked at by a dermatologist, whether or not you frequent a tanning salon or lie out in the sun for hours in search of the perfect glow. Skin cancer can happen to anyone, though it is more likely to happen to those with considerable sun exposure and sun damage.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent it. One, never frequent a tanning salon. Two, if you know you will be in the sun, apply sunscreen, even in the winter. Many facial creams and makeup products now come with SPF built in, making it easier than ever to keep your skin protected. It is also important to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least thirty during the summer. Reapplying regularly is also recommended, particularly if you are going in the water at the beach or the pool. Even waterproof sunscreen still needs to be reapplied.

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