The Benefits of ADHD Therapy Treatment

ADHD can manifest in a variety of different ways. Different types of ADHD come with different symptoms, and ADHD therapy treatment can be highly effective at providing relief from many of these symptoms.

When most people think of ADHD, they think of the symptoms commonly seen in young boys —
playing loudly, extreme impulsiveness, and trouble staying seated. However, few are as familiar with the inattentive ADHD symptoms that are often seen in girls, like inability to focus, disorganization, and inability to finish tasks.

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Until recently, ADHD has been only treated with medication, with two-thirds of all kids or adults with ADHD taking some type of medicine. Now, patients have access to ADHD therapy treatment, which can be used on its own or in combination with medication to help patients modify behavior and be more forgiving of their symptoms.

If a child is too young to benefit from therapy on their own, the parent becomes a co-therapist of sorts by interacting with the child behind a one-way glass window. A therapist watches, speaking to the parent through a wired connection and directing the parent’s responses to the child as they play.

ADHD therapy treatment can provide powerful results for patients, with or without medication. Individuals seeking treatment for ADHD should consult a therapist to discuss their options.


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