How Rhinoplasty Surgery Works

If you have been contemplating rhinoplasty surgery, you may want to know what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. In this video, an ear, nose, and throat doctor walks you through what happens to get you the nose that you want!

Changes can be made to the front of the nose, tip, or top of the nose, as well as the nostrils. Depending on if you are getting changes done due to aesthetic preferences or medical ones, such as having a deviated septum, the technique of the rhinoplasty may change.

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An open rhinoplasty opens the skin of the nose up completely during surgery to allow the doctor to work directly on the cartilage, whereas during a closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon just goes in through the nostrils to remove cartilage.

The cartilage on the tip of your nose needs to be shaped without cutting it out, otherwise, the shape will not be what you wanted. The cartilage needs to be folded and stitched into place so the nose job is permanent and won’t collapse over time. Sometimes, a surgeon will redo the sutures a few times during the rhinoplasty to ensure that the nose looks natural and can stand the test of time. When consulting with your doctor, ask about the information you learned from this video so you can be confident you are working with the best surgeon for your needs!


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