Testosterone Replacement Therapy Pros and Cons

If you are planning to undergo testosterone replacement therapy, you may want to hold out for a minute. Learn more about the treatment.

What is testosterone replacement therapy? It is administering exogenous testosterone in various forms to replace the body’s lack of testosterone production as they age.

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Is it right for you? It all depends on your doctor and your lab results, whether you may need a TRT or not. In some cases where their testosterone levels are low, they might need one. For others who have high testosterone, it’s within their discretion. Always get provisions from your doctor before indulging yourself in TRT.

Benefits of testosterone replacement therapy? The benefits can be highly experienced by guys with low testosterone levels and an overall greater sense of well-being. Most men feel rejuvenated and have a new lease on life; they feel youthful and energetic. Many things will improve once you’ve tried the therapy.

Medical risks? One of the medical risks associated with this therapy is the thickening of the blood because a higher testosterone level means your body produces more red blood cells. As a result, it may increase your risk of having heart disease. It can also interfere with DHT that men who tried TRT experienced baldness.

Alternatives? There are alternatives such as introducing yourself to natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals as it may have the possibility to increase your free testosterone.


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