Nurse Shares 5 Steps from the Mental Health First Aid Kit

In this segment of the YouTube video titled “Nurse Shares 5 Steps from the Mental Health First Aid Kit,” assistant professor and mental health advocate Holly Miles presents a valuable five-step action plan derived from the Mental Health First Aid International Program, a mental health first aid course. This plan equips individuals with the tools to support loved ones navigating mental health challenges or crises.

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The initial step involves assessing suicide or self-harm risk, with a focus on recognizing signs such as hopelessness and social withdrawal. Following this, the second step emphasizes the importance of non-judgmental listening, providing a foundation of respect and understanding. The third step encourages the provision of reassurance, emphasizing the treatability of mental illnesses and avoiding blame.

Moving forward, the fourth step advocates for seeking professional help, whether through doctors, counselors, therapists, or support groups, accompanied by the offer of personal support. Finally, the fifth step promotes self-help and support services, recommending practices like exercise, meditation, and social engagement. Additionally, organizations like Nami are suggested for further assistance.

Notably, all these steps and information are made available for free through the Mental Health First Aid Missouri website. Holly Miles’ presentation serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking guidance on supporting individuals dealing with mental health issues, aligning with the broader mission of mental health advocacy and education.

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