4 Things to Know about Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionella risk assessments are a critical component of maintaining a safe environment, and choosing the right provider involves careful consideration of key factors.

First and foremost, understanding the purpose behind opting for a legionella risk assessment is crucial. Don’t view it as a mere checkbox exercise and emphasize the severity of Legionnaire’s disease, citing potential underreporting and its fatal consequences.

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Experience matters significantly in this field. While numerous service providers offer legionella risk assessments, it’s important to advocate for assessing the level of experience and to find a qualified team, and practical know-how in daily water system operations.

The quality of the assessment report is a pivotal consideration. The video urges clients to request a sample report, emphasizing the need for clarity and an easily understandable format. A jargon-free document ensures that clients can comprehend and effectively use the information for Legionella control.

Lastly, ongoing support from the assessment provider is essential. Be sure the company you choose commits to leaving properties safe and offers free Legionella awareness training to clients, staff, and even clients’ families. This commitment reflects a genuine effort to educate and reduce the risks associated with Legionnaire’s disease.

In conclusion, when seeking legionella risk assessments, consider the purpose, experience, report quality, and post-assessment support. Making an informed decision in these areas ensures a comprehensive and effective approach to legionella management.

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