Non Invasive Medicine for Back Pain Issues

The human form is unique in the animal kingdom, owing to the human body’s designs for bipedal walking. This is a result of millions of years of evolution, when our early ancestors gave up their tree-bound lifestyle for running and chasing game across the plains of Africa. This required some changes in the human form, and by now, the human body features an S-shaped spine, an upright pelvis, long leg bones, and arched feet. This form gives humanity many advantages, though not without cost. Standing upright like that means fighting gravity more acutely than other animals do, and this puts wear and tear on the human spine and leg joints. Today, back pain is quite common around the world, and rehab tools and systems are often needed to clear up a patient’s back back or spinal stiffness. Fortunately, only the most serious back injuries call for surgery; otherwise, non invasive methods such as chiropractic adjustment tools and automatic strength tests can be used instead. Many Americans experience non invasive back medicine like this every year, whether at a chiropractor’s office or a hospital or even a yoga studio.

Why Back Pain Happens

What is causing chronic back pain or spinal issues among Americans today? Many studies and surveys have named some of the most common causes, one of which is years of hard manual labor, such as working construction jobs. Such work will strain the back muscles and spine, and this will likely lead to back pain later in life. Many surveyed Americans blame ongoing stress for their back issues, and pregnancy may also put stress on a spinal cord. Getting into a car accident or suffering a sports injury may also strain the back or damage the spine, and often, physical therapy will follow. Finally, simple old age can cause spinal issues, since the spine will collapse on itself after decades of fighting gravity (and bend forwards, too). This will reduce mobility and inflame the joints, not to mention pinch nerves and strain the back’s muscles.

Experts say that at any given time, 31 million Americans are experiencing chronic back pain, and one in three women and one in four men are dealing with back pain issues in some form or other. Also, around 50% of all working Americans admit to getting back pain symptoms every year, and it is estimated that 80% of the American population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. This is where non invasive medicine, from chiropractic adjustment tools to yoga to massages, can come in.

Chiropractic Adjustment Tools and Other Solutions

If a patient suffered physical trauma and ended up in the hospital, they will likely undergo some physical therapy at the hands of trained therapists. This may involve not only exercises and activities to help the patient recover their strength and balance, but also the use of handheld devices. Non invasive devices such as algometers and muscle testing machine scan put pressure on any target area on the patient’s body, to measure a muscle’s resistance strength and the patient’s pain thresholds. A patient may also have their movements captured with cameras, and detailed recordings appear on a computer screen for therapists to consult. The patient can also stretch out elastic cord and other items to show their current strength, arcs of motion, and pain thresholds.

Someone suffering from back pain doesn’t have to visit the hospital for care, though. Often, Americans with back pain visit their doctor and get referred to nearby specialists, often chiropractors and yoga experts. In fact, back pain ranks second among all reasons Americans visit their doctor, behind upper respiratory issues. A chiropractor is a doctor who can use chiropractic adjustment tools and even their bare hands to readjust a patient’s bones and muscles, no surgery required. This can relieve pressure on distressed joints, bones, and nerves to clear up pain and relax muscles, not to mention restore the patient’s arcs of motion and flexibility. Estimates say that chiropractors treat some 27 million Americans per year, and a chiropractic adjustment is made one million times every business day. Patients may get similar results when they sign up for private yoga sessions, and perform stretches and poses to loosen up their joints and muscles.

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