Making Adjustments as You Grow Into a New Life Chapter

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Growing older is a part of life, if we’re lucky. There are entire companies and marketing campaigns geared toward the pursuit of escaping this inevitability, though everyone also wants to have a full and long life as well. Society has created the contradiction of impossible standards: live long and don’t show signs of it. But many of those who have had the privilege of living long and living well will usually reach the conclusion that what society attempts to dictate does not actually matter. One survey polling a group of retirees showed that more than 80% of retirees said that good health was the most crucial element to a fulfilling and content retirement. It is not about looking young. It is about feeling as young, free, and happy as your heart will possibly allow!

Getting used to some changes

While you might have the most positive attitude about growing older, there will still inevitably be challenges, like with any transition or new life chapter. But that doesn’t mean that it will be without excitement. Keep that positivity and let it carry you through the lows. You may have a hard time adjusting to some of your new accessories, like Prevail Nu Fit adult diapers or washable bed pads for incontinence, or syringes for diabetes, or mobility aids for seniors, like mobile chairs, walkers and canes. Almost 10% of elderly adults use more than just one mobility device, as there are many situations that you must maneuver, as you refuse to let a thing as trivial as age slow you down.

Stocking up on the supplies and happiness you need

From Prevail Nu Fits to syringes for diabetes
, there is potentially a whole lot to keep track of. If you are one of the many Americans with diabetes, you likely know that there are other health issues that often go hand in hand. Only about 9% of adults who have diabetes have only that. Often there are some other things to keep track of and deal with, such as asthma, arthritis, heart disease, respiratory problems, and high blood pressure. Incontinence is much more common than is often talked about, but you’ll have your Prevail Nu Fits for that.

The main thing to acknowledge and remember is that you are living, breathing, and loving life and the people in it, and while we will all have adjustments to deal with at some point, focusing on the beauty rather than the bothersome makes it all worthwhile.

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