Effective Hair Rejuvenation Home Remedies

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Everyone loses hair from time to time, but women are more susceptible to it than men. In fact, the number of women experiencing hair shedding in the U.S. right now is about 21 million at the average of the ages of 24 and 35. Hair loss is often considered normal, but when it’s in excess, it becomes abnormal. Typically, hair goes through a cycle that involves three stages: Anagen, catagen and telogen phase. The first phase represents the growth period which lasts an average of 3 to 5 years. After which, your hair then enters a short transitional period of about 10 days that mark the end of the active growth stage. Hair then began to shed in the last stage where the cycle starts all over again.

While hair loss may seem reasonable especially when it’s subjected to combing, brushing or blowing it dry, it may also be a signal of a serious underlying condition in the body. If you notice you are losing a significant amount of hair, visiting a dermatologist may be the best option to find out where the problem is and receive possible treatment. Studies haven’t come out clear to show the exact cause of hair loss, but the most common factors include hormonal changes, heredity, medical conditions and medications. Additionally, other factors such as radiation therapy, hair treatment products or stress can contribute to womens hair loss. That’s why proper hair care is recommended to ensure healthy hair. As you age, your hair will naturally become dull and weak. These changes will vary across people and they usually depend on various factors. For instance, the use of creams, dyes or dryers is potentially dangerous to the health of your hair.

Womens hair loss is a painful experience considering how esteemed hair is for most women. In fact, 24% of women compared losing their hair with losing a limb. Below are tips on how to take care of your hair using simple home remedies.

Apple cider vinegar mask
This is a simple and effective hair rejuvenation home remedy for combating hair loss. Here, you may decide to use the several other products alongside Apple cider vinegar as the primary component. A good example is mixing olive oil, egg whites and the vinegar and then apply it to your hair. Thoroughly massage the mixture until it reaches the scalp. Cover your hair for approximately 20 to 30 minutes using a shower cap, then wash and rinse it normally. The egg whites and the olive oil are important nutrients of the hair follicle while vinegar helps fight hair bacteria and dandruff.

Mayonnaise is an essential ingredient commonly used for hair rejuvenation for women. This natural hair care treatment not only supplies your hair with nutrients, but also make it strong and shiny. You simply need to dampen your hair first and take about two tablespoons of mayonnaise and smoothly massage it into your hair. While covering your hair, leave it for about half an hour, then wash and rinse with warm water. Mayonnaise is known to kill hair lice and boost hair growth. It’s also a good moisturizer that helps to nourish your scalp. In addition, mayonnaise its ideal for womens hair loss caused by dry and brittle hair. The nutrients found in this product helps seal hair’s cuticle and smoothes frizzy hair.

Keratin rich foods
Hair treatments are good, but it’s also necessary to stimulate healthy hair from within. This possible with good hygiene and taking in a healthy diet. The majority of hair problems stem from the lack of nutrients. For instance, if your body lacks sufficient iron, your hair will become brittle, lack shine and possibly begin to shed. So it’s crucial you take foods rich with iron nutrients for a good–looking hair. Another essential hair nutrient is the amino acids, a primary building block of keratin. Food rich in keratin will allow your hair become flexible yet strong. Some examples of these foods include spinach, lentils, broccoli, parsley, oats, pineapples among others.

These are just some of the home remedies for womens hair loss. But you can choose to complement these remedies with artificial treatment products.

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