Lack of Hearing Aid Awareness Despite Advanced Technology

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Hearing loss and ringing ears are just two of the common ear problems that we face as we get older. Fortunately, technology has significantly increased our hearing abilities, despite inner ear problems. These technological advances can provide the ability of hearing to the worst of hearing individuals. The problem, however, is that many people suffering from hearing loss are still unaware of these assistive devices.

Lack of admittance

There are a large percentage of people with some amount of hearing loss that do not want to admit that they have difficulty with hearing. Hearing loss is often associated with aging and admitting to a hearing problem also admits that you are older. Others may simply believe that there are little options available to increase their hearing. People with hearing loss wait an average of 7 years before seeking help. In most cases, they only seek assistance because the hearing has gotten significantly worse or it was found accidentally during a routine medical exam.

Little medical awareness

There also tends to be little medical awareness surrounding hearing loss. Even if you visit your medical provider annually for a checkup, they probably do not check your hearing. In fact, your hearing abilities may never come up during the physical. Patients may be hesitant to bring it up, seeing it as pointless or embarrassing. This is a problem, considering there are many simple hearing increasing devices available, including hearing aids and multiple type of hearing aid batteries.

Little hearing aid market

If you are never exposed to a hearing specialized medical professional, you may not even be aware that there are numerous types of digital hearing aids that can significantly increase hearing abilities. Among adults aged 70 and older with hearing loss that could benefit from hearing aids, fewer than one in three (30%) has ever used them. Even fewer adults aged 20 to 69 (approximately 69%) who could benefit from wearing hearing aids have ever used them. There is actually a large market for both heating aids and advanced hearing aid batteries.

Lack of hearing protection

A lot of people are also unaware of how hearing loss occurs. Some hearing loss is contributed to aging. However, a large portion occurs from damaging the ears through loud music and sounds. Custom hearing protection should be used in many environments, where it currently is not. The NIDCD estimates that approximately 15% of Americans (26 million people) between the ages of 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss due to exposure to noise at work or during leisure activities. A lifetime of noises and sounds that are damaging to the ears can result in advanced hearing loss.

Hearing device accessories

Of people who are aware of hearing aids, many choose not to wear them because of comfort. It can be uncomfortable to adjust to having something in your ear at all times. It is also a process to remember to equip your hearing aid to your ear on a daily basis. However, with large amounts of accessories available, you can find a hearing aid that is both comfortable and practical. Hearing aid batteries are smaller than ever and contain adjustable features, allowing you to find the right size and noise level for your needs. Hearing aid batteries are also designed to be more comfortable than ever, often making you forget that they are even sitting in your ear.

Although many people currently suffer from some degree of hearing loss, very few are aware of improvement tools. Hearing aids and technology combined have created hearing assistive devices that are more comfortable and useful than ever before. People with hearing loss may not be aware of these new technologies or may simply be too embarrassed to bring up their concerns of hearing loss with their medical provider. Without proper hearing loss awareness, people will continue to deal with advanced hearing loss and others will continue to fail at properly protecting their current hearing.

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