Key Elements For Proper Drug Sourcing

Clinical packaging

When it comes to the entire clinical trials process, getting the drug sourcing right is a very important step. Many patients are opting for drugs that work much better than the current treatments available so drug sourcing has become an a key factor for those involved in clinical trials project management. However, due t o our present environment, being able to conduct proper drug sourcing has also become quite difficult since clinical trials are now being conducted in remote locations where it’s difficult to establish a decent supply chain management practice.

Let’s take a close look at four vital element to drug sourcing that all pharmaceutical packaging companies should follow in order to make the entire clinical trials process much more easier.

  1. Start planning and organizing a comparator sourcing strategy as part of your protocol well before the clinical trials process begins. This will allow for more flexibility and option opportunities in case there are any issues that might arise. Having a game plan ahead of the clinical storage and distribution will help be much more prepared and save you a lot of trouble in the long run.
  2. Start listing some essential detail about the clinical study. This is also part of the
    planning process. Drug sourcing requires that you accurately estimate supply needs for each market. It imperative that you list the countries, sites and subjects, the duration, strength and max volume of the comparator. This may be a requirement for an pharmaceutical supply chain looking to improve their drug sourcing solutions.
  3. Drug sourcing should not only be considered a just a purchasing and procurement practice. Start to adopt some better strategic thinking and apply them to the drug sourcing protocol. Analyze each and every factor that involved in drug sourcing and devise a custom plan that calls for a multitude of available options.The primary goal here is to manage the supply chain from the first day to the last day of the clinical trials.
  4. Reach out to a trusted and experienced partner for fewer touch-points. The less touch points while conducting the clinical trial the better off your drug sourcing. Find a partner that includes blinding, packaging, labeling and distribution as part of the drug sourcing. This in turn will make the entire process much easier and cost effective.

All these tip will surely take you much farther than expected in the long run. Furthermore planning in advance, performing a thorough analysis of your clinical trial protocol, strategic thinking, as well as finding an experienced partner will save you time and while avoiding the frustrating mistakes that plagues many pharmaceutical supply chains around the world.

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