4 Effective Forms of Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

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As a man, it’s natural and completely normal for your testosterone level to decrease when you age. However, the natural decrease of this hormone cannot be associated with healthy issues that come with old age. Over the years, medical science has come out strong to disagree about the importance of testosterone level decrease and also the benefits of such hormone therapy in manipulating the natural aging process in men.

Many men who’ve undergone natural hormone replacement therapy report improved sex drive, energy levels, and mood after the treatment. But with several possible side effects, not many males out there wishes to have their testosterone replaced. The only way to find out if testosterone therapy is good for you is by consulting your doctor.

Whether hormone replacement therapy for men bring benefits or not, it’s vital you understand the functions of testosterone in your body. They include reproductive function, controlling red blood cell’s level, maintaining bone density and building muscle bulk. But most importantly, this hormone assist in the male sexual development, which is one of the symptoms of low testosterone level in men.

So, how would know if you have low testosterone levels? Here are common symptoms you need to watch out.

  • Irritability
  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Low sense of well-being
  • Muscle wear out
  • Fatigue
  • Low concentration
  • Hair loss
  • Although, you can have low testosterone levels with no symptoms at all. In this case, no treatment is recommended. But if you exhibit one or some of these symptoms, it is recommended that you go for hormone replacement therapy to improve your testosterone levels. With modern science on the cutting edge, there are various types of hormone replacement therapy for men, which includes, testosterone patches, intramuscular testosterone injections, and topical testosterone gel. Depending on your doctor’s assessment and other personal health factors, you could be subjected to one or combination of these treatment options. While these forms of testosterone supplements are known to improve testosterone levels, they differ in their application.

    Transdermal Patch
    Also referred as a skin patch, is a hormone replacement therapy for men who suffer from a condition called hypogonadism. This is a condition that affects the production of testosterone in men due to certain medical ailments. A skin patch hormone therapy is as safe as it is effective, especially for older men. However, if you have been earlier diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer, you should not use this treatment option whatsoever.

    Androgel is a special type of gel that contains testosterone, and it’s usually administered through the skin as hormone replacement therapy for men. Typically, this drug is applied once a day and it’s aimed at reversing symptoms of low testosterone and supplementing natural production of testosterone.

    Injection and Implants
    Effective hormone replacement therapy for men can also be done through direct injection into the muscles or placing of testosterone implants in the soft tissues. These two options allow the body to slowly absorb testosterone into the bloodstream to replenish the decreased hormone level. Often, doctors administer this hormone by injecting muscle buttocks in a span of two or three weeks until a stable testosterone level is achieved.

    In conclusion, hormone replacement therapy for women is different from those of men. This is because women experience many conditions that alter their hormones every now and then. From childbirth to monthly menstruation, their hormones are always changing. However, women can also receive testosterone therapy to control their moods and maintain their lean body mass. Before you jump right hormone therapy, ensure your doctor explain everything you need to know these treatment options and give you safer alternatives if there are any.

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