How Do Prisons Treat Opioid Addiction?

So, what is Rapid Detox?

This is a treatment and medical procedure in treating patients that are suffering from addiction like opioid. The entire treatment process takes a few days, yet there are risks associated with this procedure, which became highly controversial.

So, does rapid opiate detox work?

Well, the main benefit of this treatment is the speed at which they are completed. The process may cause discomfort of withdrawal and may be largely avoided, and home detox will not be ideal.

Rather than slowing the withdrawal process for weeks and months, the rapid detox treatment will promise to fast-forward the process through the withdrawal while under heavy sedation.

And if you are asking if does rapid opiate detox work?

Well, detoxification is the natural, physiological, or medicinal removal of the toxic substances from living organisms. This includes the human body. The advanced rapid process of detoxification is a procedure used to ‘cleanse’ the patient from opioids.

However, this detox method is outdated, often leading to more relapses than recoveries. The patient usually undergoes a procedure in clinics, hospitals, or ICUs. Also, in anesthesia-assisted detoxification, general anesthesia is used to sedate the patient, and the opioids are flushed from their system, and it’s often used as an opioid antagonist.

Rapid detox process can only manage withdrawal symptoms. It doesn’t treat the root cause of addiction or drug abuse.

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