10 Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is a legal and acceptable action when it’s done in moderation. However, it can wreak havoc on various parts of your life if you let it get out of hand. Even if you only do it every now and then, you can still find many legitimate reasons to cease drinking. The following are 10 reasons to quit drinking alcohol.

1. You’ll Be Healthier

One of the most important of the 10 reasons to quit drinking alcohol is better health. Alcohol affects numerous parts of your body, and too much consumption can negatively affect those parts. These are some of the parts of your body you can improve by stopping alcohol consumption:

The Liver

The liver is the most vastly affected organ that alcohol consumption affects. Drinking overworks the liver and causes scar tissue to develop over time. A condition called cirrhosis can then develop, causing severe illness and pain.

The Brain

Alcohol consumption kills brain cells and slows down thought processes because of its depressing properties. Thus, you will have a much clearer mind if you stop drinking because your brain function will automatically speed up.

The Heart

Drinking alcohol excessively can affect your heart muscles as well. Conditions such as cardiomyopathy can occur because of it.

The Pancreas

Alcohol causes the pancreas to create toxic substances. That process can cause the pancreas to become inflamed and develop a condition called pancreatitis.

The Reproductive System

Many people are unaware of alcohol’s effect on the reproductive system. It can severely hinder sperm production in men and affect egg production in women. Thus, you can benefit from quitting if you intend to have a child in the near future.

The moment you decide to stop drinking and seek alcoholism therapy, any damage done to those areas of your body will resolve. You’ll be on your merry way to being a much healthier person overall.

2. Your Relationships Will Be Stronger

Relationship restoration is second on the list of the 10 reasons to quit drinking alcohol. Alcohol consumption sometimes damages relationships because of how people act when under the influence. Not everyone turns into a ‘happy drunk’ when they drink. Some people become depressed and break down in tears when they drink.

Other people become irritable or angry and say and do hurtful things. Some individuals become as helpless as children and must rely on others to care for them. This responsibility can go deep when the person is intoxicated to a dangerous level.

There’s also a group of people who become overly jovial, to the point of making poor sexual decisions and engaging in other harmful activities like drug use and criminal activity. Those actions can make relationships suffer even more.

The above-mentioned alcohol effects can tear down the foundations of the relationships closest to you if you are currently involved with alcohol. However, you can mend strained situations if you make the decision to stop drinking today.

You can use your medical insurance to Medicare supplement for help with ceasing your drinking habits and keeping yourself well during your recovery stage.

3. You’ll Save Money

Kicking the habit of drinking can save you money in a vast assortment of ways. These are just a handful of the myriad ways you can keep extra cash in your pocket after you give up the habit of consuming alcohol:

Save Money on Drinks

You’ll save a ridiculous amount of money if you choose to put your foot down and stop drinking. That’s why saving money is number three out of the 10 reasons to quit drinking alcohol. One case of beer costs about $30, and you can spend much more than that in bars and restaurants ordering drinks.

Just one mixed drink can cost between $7 and $10, and rarely does anyone ever drink one and stop. Calculate your expenses according to the frequency of your drinking times, and you’ll see how much you can benefit from quitting.

Save on Gas and Access

You can also save money on gas and access if you’re someone who likes to go out and drink at clubs and other establishments. For each visit, club access might be $20 or more, and gas costs can get crazy when rates are high.

Pay Fewer Doctor’s Bills

Another way to save money if you stop drinking is by visiting the doctor less. You will have fewer visits to the general physicians, audiologists, dentists, psychiatrists, and other specialists you would typically see because of alcohol-related issues.

4. You’ll Make Better Choices

If you choose to stop drinking alcohol, you will make better overall life choices. That’s why decision-making is number four out of 10 reasons to quit drinking alcohol. Many people make poor decisions when drinking because of how alcohol affects the brain.

Any exposure to it will lower your inhibitions significantly and affect your judgment. Thus, you might make poor decisions such as:

Not Showing up for Work or School

Alcohol consumption can cause you to fail to show up for work or school, even if you are an otherwise responsible person. It’s pretty common for people to take on a completely different persona with alcohol in their system.

Having Relations With Strange People

You may also make some not-so-smart decisions regarding dating or relationships. For example, you might let your guard down on someone you would normally be leery of. You could find yourself having relations with that person or letting him or her into your life further than you would if you were sober.

Driving Dangerously

Millions of DUI incidents happen each year, and it’s mostly because alcohol affects reaction time, judgment, and mood. Therefore, you might find yourself in a road rage incident, even though you are someone who always drives responsibly and never takes your issues in the car with you.

Getting Into Brawls and Fights

Many fights occur between drunk individuals because the tendency to become offended is more significant in those types. Therefore, you could get involved in a brawl if you’re not careful, and the brawl could leave you vulnerable to getting arrested and charged with assault.

Doing Something Criminal

You might also decide to do things that aren’t exactly within the confines of the law. This action would also be due to your lowered inhibitions.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons why using affordable health insurance to help you stop drinking alcohol is a wise decision. Most modern insurance policies offer mental health services and assistance with drug rehabilitation or alcohol recovery. You can take this time to take advantage of their benefits and reclaim control of your decisions.

5. You’ll Prevent Addictions

Using your health insurance to stop using alcohol made it to the list of 10 reasons to quit drinking alcohol because of the anti-addiction benefit. If you grab hold of your habit by quitting alcohol now, you can prevent the birth of an addiction that affects your life negatively.

You will be glad you took that step when you realize that no substance has a stronghold over you and you can live wonderfully while not being controlled by dependency.

6. You’ll Have Higher Quality Friends

Improving your friendship circle is yet another one of the top 10 reasons to quit drinking alcohol. People tend to attract other individuals who seek habitual drinking when they are involved in it.

Sometimes, the friendships and acquaintanceships they form when drinking develop into detrimental relationships. To prevent this from happening and protect your wellness, you might want to quit while you’re ahead.

7. You Won’t Get Hangovers

Another one of the 10 reasons to quit drinking alcohol is that you won’t get hangovers. You won’t need to drink coffee just to be coherent, and your body won’t feel like you need a physical therapist every day. Instead, you’ll walk up feeling healthy, and you’ll be in a mental place to appreciate the gorgeous new day.

8. You’ll Respect Yourself More

Number eight of the 10 reasons to quit drinking alcohol is that you will have a higher level of respect for yourself. Anytime you accomplish something like stopping a bad habit, it is a reason to celebrate. It’s also a reason to be proud of yourself for your strength and resilience.

Consider setting a goal to stop drinking on a certain date and then put down the margarita when the time comes. You will feel like you’ve accomplished something great if you manage to get through it.

9. You’ll Start Looking Better

Number mine of the 10 reasons to quit drinking alcohol is that you will look much better overall. Alcohol consumption often causes weight gain and water retention. It causes eye bags and dark circles in some people as well. If alcohol use is affecting your health, you might also take on a pale appearance.

All of those are good reasons to stop drinking. You can slim down and have a much healthier overall appearance if you put the bottle down and speak to a practitioner who can work with you. Some people choose to get help from a hypnotherapist to stop drinking alcohol. Hypnotherapy is a method that attempts to put the client into a subconscious state and then suggest specific actions and beliefs.

In your case, the provider would suggest that you no longer desire to drink alcohol and do not want to partake in picking up a drink anymore. Some people swear by this method of recovery, while other people choose to go through the process alone. There is no completely wrong or right way to deal with quitting a habit. You have the freedom to choose your method, and it can be anyone you desire.

10. You’ll Be Much More Positive

Positivity is the last but not the least of the 10 reasons to quit drinking alcohol. Since alcohol is a depressant, it has a tendency to depress all parts of a person who consumes it, including the mental state. That’s why so many people reminisce about old times and lost loved ones and remember their failures and embarrassments when they drink.

It’s a dangerous substance for that reason and because it can cause longer-lasting depression if consumed enough. These are some of the signs of depression so that you can recognize them in yourself if they are occurring:

Feelings of Hopelessness and Worthlessness

If you are suffering from depression, you’ll feel like you’re worthless, no matter what anyone tells you about how valuable you are. You may also feel hopeless in your current situation, like you will never see the beautiful light at the end of this darkened tunnel. Little things might seem like massive catastrophes, and they will also be huge downers on your already low sense of mood.

Consistent Fatigue

Depression usually causes physical and mental fatigue. You might feel too tired to get out of bed, too exhausted to leave your home, or too fatigued to speak. You won’t be able to explain the fatigue other than to say you don’t feel like doing anything.

Loss of Motivation and Purpose

A major loss of motivation and purpose might come along with a bout of depression as well. It will be difficult for you to see the point in anything and even more challenging for you to do things you don’t see a point in doing.

Gloomy Outlooks

To live an upbeat life, you need to have a positive outlook. However, you will likely have a negative outlook all the time if you are depressed. You’ll say, ‘I can’t’ instead of ‘I can’ and find a million reasons why nothing you do will work out.

Ceasing alcohol consumption can eliminate the negative thoughts that consume you. It can also help you stay out of jail or a morgue if you have suicidal ideations.

You’re now aware of at least 10 reasons to quit drinking alcohol. What’s fantastic is that you can start your alcohol-free journey today for any or all of the reasons above. The first step is making a firm decision that you will stop.

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