Hazardous Materials Made Simple

Hazardous materials are dangerous or harmful to both human health and the environment. It is essential to identify and handle them correctly. The video shows the need for the correct handling of these materials. It involves wearing safety gear such as hazmat suits and proper training on how to use, store and dispose of them.

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Handling ensures that they do not harm anyone or anything.

Hazardous materials are in everyday use. We use detergents at home for cleaning, gasoline to fuel cars and machines, and radiation in hospitals. Some of these are more harmful than others hence the need to learn how to handle them appropriately. Hospitals only allow qualified staff to work with radiation machines. Everyone who uses hazardous materials as part of their work must have protective gear and the appropriate training to use them.

Proper identification of hazardous materials ensures that they are handled and stored safely. Hazardous materials have large labels that indicate that they are harmful to touch or move. Since there are different types of these materials, the labeling tells the users how detrimental the products are. Some common labels include; inflammable, dangerous, or poisonous. They are color-coded to pass the message effectively.

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