Get Out And Move Information You Should Know About A High Performance Wheelchair And Products For It

In the United States, many Americans are attempting to increase their physical activity. They desire an active lifestyle, and this lifestyle starts with getting out and moving. Many individuals assume that an active lifestyle is only for those who are able-bodied. This assumption is far from the truth.

There are 3.6 million people who use wheelchairs in the United States alone. This number increases as 2 million new wheelchair users appear in the United States every year. In addition, 650 million people live with a disability around the world. These disabilities do not prevent an active lifestyle.

If you use a wheelchair, you can still be active and establish an active, healthy lifestyle for yourself. Here is information you should know about a high performance wheelchair and other products for your wheelchair. There are so many benefits!

High Performance Wheelchair

Movement: If you’re a wheelchair user, you many already know that limited mobility can be quite the issue. However, this is not the case when you have a high performance wheelchair. With a high performance wheelchair, you’ll realize that you have more movement. To be more specific, you can change positions if you feel the need to. You can change your position easily if you’re feeling any aches and pains.

This is beneficial for you because you will feel less pain throughout the day with a high performance wheelchair. Unlike traditional wheelchairs, a high performance wheelchair will allow you to be mobile while also feeling relaxed and free from pain or any uncomfortable feelings from sitting all day.

What Do You Feel When You Sit?: As previously mentioned, a high performance wheelchair allows you to move your position in your chair effortlessly. This reduces the pain you may feel from sitting in your wheelchair all day. In addition, you may feel other things aside from pain when in your traditional wheelchair. To be specific, some traditional wheelchairs can cause tiredness. This is because in combination with the aches and pains, it’s difficult to be more mobile. So, with lack of mobility, you will feel more and more tired each day.

However, with a high performance wheelchair, you can combat the fatigue, move around, and live a more comfortable, active lifestyle.

Posture: The last benefit of a high performance wheelchair concerns your posture. Traditional wheelchairs can harm your posture, but a high performance wheelchair actually helps your posture by gradually realigning it. This is beneficial for you and your active lifestyle because it makes comfortably doing tasks possible. You’ll be able to be mobile, active, and all with great posture!

If you want to increase your movement, decrease aches, pains, and tiredness, and improve your posture, you should consider purchasing a high performance wheelchair!

Off Road Tires For Wheelchairs

A high performance wheelchair is not the only thing you should consider when you’re trying an active, healthy lifestyle. There are actually products that can help you achieve this active lifestyle. Although they are different than a high performance wheelchair, you should consider purchasing these products as an add on.

The first product is off road tires for wheelchairs. These specific and special types of tires, provide you with many benefits!

Hiking: If your family and friends enjoy hiking, you can join them. This is because off road tires allow your wheelchair to move through the roughest of terrain. You can travel through dirt, rocks, and debris, and get outside with your friends and family. This is definitely an active lifestyle.

Safety: This is also a common occurrence with a high performance wheelchair, but off road tires ensure that you will be able to travel safely. These tires will allow you to travel through dirt, rocks, and much more without falling over.

Shower Chair Replacement Seat

There is one more product to discuss aside from a high performance wheelchair and off road tires. That is a shower chair replacement seat. With a shower chair replacement seat you can take a shower without slipping and falling in the water. It’s beneficial much like a high performance wheelchair and off road tires.

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