American Doctor Charity Saves Lives Around the World

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American Doctor Charity Saves Lives Around the World is an inspirational video about how Doctor Farmer and his colleagues revolutionized healthcare by bridging the gap that exists between high-quality care and lower-income communities. For over 25 years Doctor Farmer has been able to provide medical services to the poorest countries in the world, when he was a young man he saw the inefficiency of proper healthcare services amongst poor communities and was invigorated to start a haven to offer healthcare services to these communities. He has done amazing work with his partners through Partners In Health which is a charity that has managed to raise money and built what is considered the largest hospital in central Haiti. This hospital sees approximately two million patients annually and provides each with free quality healthcare because Doctor Farmer believes that medical care should be a basic human right for all. His vision is of a world where poor children and adults do not have to die due to a lack of access to medicine that can cure treatable diseases like tuberculosis.

There are millions of people in the world who die from treatable diseases annually. In a poor country like Haiti, how do you know if your child has pink eye? When people live in dire circumstances and queue daily to receive free medical care. Partners in Health ensures to hire local healthcare workers so that there is less dependence on America for people who can save lives. The charity has remarkably expanded its operations to nine countries worldwide including Peru, Russia, Mexico, Rwanda, and two other countries in Africa. However, there are concerns about how the budget is not enough to cover all the free healthcare services that Partners in Health provides in these countries. The poverty circumstances that healthcare professionals are faced with daily are extreme and most are not trained to handle these situations.

At the inception phase of the charity in Haiti, there was a backlash among other professionals who were of the notion that people in poor countries do not deserve efficient medical care, but Doctor Farmer and his co-founders pushed against all odds and found ways to manufacture high-quality treatment at a fraction of the ordinary price. Millions of people have been treated since then and there is evidence of people recovering after being diagnosed with chronic and lifetime complications such as HIV/Aids. The charity has worked tirelessly to promote awareness within communities by hiring members of the community to assess patient progress during and after treatment. Doctor Farmer’s work has been recognized globally and his patients appreciate all that he does for him. This man and his charity can change the lives of poor people every day in different parts of the world.

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