Four Reasons to Choose Natural Skin Care Products

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Are you interested in natural skin products? You’re a smart cookie if so! Even if we don’t eat our skin care products, it still ends up in our systems. Our skin is the biggest organ in our body, and is a sponge that soaks in the chemicals we put on it. If you’ve ever looked at the label of your cosmetics, you’ll see a long list of gibberish. Those long words are chemicals, fillers, and preservatives. Hint: these are not things that you want on your skin, much less inside you body.

This is where natural skin products come in. Most cosmetic solutions for skin care use harsh chemicals to force your skin to appear like it’s healthy, as if you’re putting on a mask. Meanwhile, natural skin products use natural resources to emphasize supporting your skin cells so that they are healthier, which gives you natural beauty. If you are on the fence about natural skin products, check out our list of reasons to choose organic skin care over chemical-laden skin care, every time:

  1. The planet love when you use natural skin products.

    The chemicals that go into convention skin care products have a negative impact on the environment. When they are being produced, the bi-product of chemicals is released into the atmosphere, and the air we breath. And then, when we put all of these chemicals on our bodies, we eventually wash them off. They go down the drain, and back into our water system, that we drink.

    Meanwhile, the best skin care lines use plant-based ingredients, that come from the Earth, and go back into the Earth without any negative impacts on the Earth in the process.

  2. Your skin loves when you use natural skin products.

    Conventional skin care products achieve their advertised goal by putting a mask on your skin to hide your wrinkles, acne, discoloration, or whatever skin insecurity you have. In the process, these aggressive chemicals strip your skin of the natural oils it has to actually be healthy. This also create irritation to your skin that makes it look worse than it did to begin with.

    On the other hand, when you use natural skin products, they work with your skin to support its natural health, instead of against it.
  3. Your smellers love it when you use natural skin products.

    The unnatural chemicals that are in the skin care products that you find at the grocery store have a strong chemical smell on their own. In order the cover the nauseous smells, skin care manufacturers mask it with unnatural fragrances. Many times, the fragrance has to be so strong to cover the smell of the chemicals that it itself is offensive. When you use natural skin care products, the there isn’t a need to slap a strong perfume over them to cover the smell, since the ingredients themselves have their own pleasant aroma.

  4. You avoid strange side effects when you use natural skin care products.
    Your skin lives in a very delicate balance. When you use harsh chemicals to strip your skin of its natural environment, you might achieve one goal, but at the cost of another. For example, if you use chemical-laden skin care to reduce the appearance of acne, the astringent that treats the visible acne strips any moisture in your skin, which — you guessed it — creates more acne. The vicious cycle continues. And down the road, spending years and years stripping your skin of its own moisture leads to new skin issues, like enlarged pores and deep set wrinkles.

    When you use natural skin products, the goal is to get your skin to the ideal natural balance on its own. Your natural skin products will reduce the infection in the pores that is triggering the acne, and then help your skin naturally create its own ideal moisture balance to reduce acne in the future.

Using natural skin care products is a winning choice. When you use natural skin care products, the planet is happier. When you use natural skin care products, your nose is happier. When you use natural skin care products, your total health is happier. And most of all, when you use natural skin care products, your skin is happier. That’s the point, isn’t it?

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