Three Common Chronic Illnesses In The Elderly

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One of the unfortunate aspects of aging that can make the process so unpleasant is the deterioration of health that accompanies it. One feature of this downward slide is the onset of a variety of chronic illnesses, some of which are particularly prevalent in the aged. These are three of the most common of these types of illnesses.

  1. Arthritis: This is a common and painful ailment characterized by the inflammation of joints such as the knuckles of the fingers. There are several types of arthritis and they each have different causes, but all are most commonly found in those over the age of 60. Along with pain, symptoms include stiffness, limited range of motion and perhaps limited mobility as the pain makes it difficult to walk. There is no cure, but doctors can advise on treatment to improve quality of life.
  2. Lung Disease: If a person find themselves searching for urgent care locations online because of a dry cough, shortness of breath and whole body fatigue, they may actually be suffering with lung disease. This is actually the label for a group of disorders that result in the scarring of the tissue of the lungs. The reason for many older people developing this chronic condition is that it usually is the result of years of exposure to harsh chemicals, many of which are now regulated today. Put simply, an elderly person had many years around bad substances that are no longer commonly found because of this very result, or worse. Although there are exceptions, in most cases the damage cannot be repaired.
  3. Parkinson?s Disease: This condition often starts slow with a tremor in one hand, with no alarming symptoms to cause another search for urgent care locations. It progresses to tremors throughout the body, caused by mobility issues due to nerve cell damage in central nervous system damage. There are medications that can make a difference but this condition is also currently without a cure.

These disorders, as well as a number of other chronic conditions, can make growing older a miserable process unless an individual seeks out appropriate care. If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the symptoms listed here or if you have any health concerns, seek out the closest urgent care locations or your primary physician and get diagnosed if needed today.

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