Cycling Shouldn’t Be Painful Bringing Out The Most In Your Hobby With Carbon Saddle Rails

How to choose a comfortable bike seat

Cycling is a great way to get fit and breathe in the clean outdoor air. When you’re done riding and find yourself unusually sore, however…it might be time to look at your hobby in a new way.

The benefits of having a comfortable bike seat start to sound pretty good after the tenth time you’ve gotten off your bike and wanted nothing more than to stash it away in the garage for good. Exercise is supposed to be an act that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized, not stiff and frustrated. With more Americans turning to cycling than ever before, carbon fiber bike saddles are going to see a surge in purchases. How can you make sure your hobby remains a wonderful addition to your weekly schedule and not a hindrance you can’t wait to finish?

Let’s see what a leather bike saddle can do to enhance your craft.

Cycling is incredibly popular. According to recent studies, around three million American adults will frequently ride bicycles. That’s either every day or multiple times per week. Yet more will find themselves cycling over the weekend or with a group. Back in 2015 over 36 million Americans aged seven and up rode a bicycle six or more times per week. At an impressive one billion, there are twice as many bicycles in the world than there are cars. Environmentally friendly and great for your health, this is one trend that won’t die off any time soon.

One of the reasons this hobby is so beloved across multiple populations are its numerous health benefits. A recent study, for starters, conducted by the British Medical Association found coronary heart disease reduced by a staggering 50% when people cycled 20 miles per week. You can also build significant leg muscle through regular cycling. Additional physical health benefits include clearer skin (regular sweating opens up your pores and rids your body of dirt and bacteria) and better digestion. What else can cycling offer your life, though?

It’s not just physical health you can expect to enjoy whenever you take your bike out for a ride. Your mental health and emotional wellness can also experience a significant boost. Whenever you exercise, particularly when you push yourself to the limits, your body releases endorphins. Also called the ‘happy chemical’, these cheer you up and do wonders for chipping into the stress of the week. The United States has seen a 45% increase in the number of people choosing to commute by bicycle since 2005, a number that will only get higher with each passing day.

Proper cycling includes not just taking out your bike on a regular basis to reap the benefits, but choosing the most comfortable bike seat to support you everywhere you go. People who participate in outdoor activities on a routine basis spend over $10 billion every year on gear, accessories and outfits. This includes carbon fiber bike seats designed to cushion you properly instead of leaving you sore and irritated. The bicycle industry saw $6 billion in direct sales back in 2015, with over $1 billion in used bicycle sales, to boot. If you’re thinking of getting anything to support your habit, you can’t go wrong with carbon saddle rails.

Some bike seats are hard and narrow, digging into you instead of providing support. When you travel up and down bumpy hills? This can actually hurt over time. Carbon saddle rails are smooth and curved, designed to fit the form of your body with ease. You can go a step further and choose a leather bike seat if you want something that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is effective. Back in 2012 over 25% of all bicycles sold by specialty stores were mountain bikes. Even if you only pull your bicycle out once or twice per week, carbon saddle rails can completely transform how you look at your down time.

What can the most comfortable bike seats offer you this year? Look into carbon saddle rails next time you think of feeding your hobby.

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