30 Things We’d Rather Spend Our Time Thinking About Than Our Snoring

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If you snore, you’ve probably spent some time in your life worrying about what others think of your snoring. You’ve probably also heard people complaining about your snoring. If you don’t want to worry and have those thoughts anymore, you can consider getting home medical equipment that’ll help. Things like home oxygen systems for instance. Then, once that’s problem’s done, you can worry about all the other factors in life. Here’s a list of 30 things we snorers would rather be thinking about besides snoring, others complaining, and medical equipment.

  1. Does That Boy or Girl Like Me?
    Because it doesn’t matter if you’re 13 or 33, we never stop wondering.
  2. Where Should I Take My Date?
    Movies, a restaurant, or a picnic?
  3. How Do I Flirt Better?
    Because some of us need help.
  4. Where Should I Go With Friends This Weekend?
    A night out with friends is the best. No matter what you chose, if you have your friends with you you are bound to have a great and hilarious time. Take pictures!
  5. What Should I Eat For Dinner?
    Should it be something familiar or something foreign? Also, should you actually cook it? Or should you order out? Or, should you just have a tv dinner? Decisions, decisions.
  6. What Can I Do To Have Better Dreams?
    Because we’d all like to dream of bacon.
  7. Where Should I Eat Out Next?
    There are too many good restaurants. For more thoughts, refer to “What Should I Eat For Dinner.”
  8. When Was My Last Doctor’s Visit?
    I’ve had too many apples.
  9. Which Car Insurance Should I Get?
    Jokes aside, this is an important question. There are several different types of insurance coverage out there and several different insurance companies that you could chose from. Pick wisely.
  10. Does My Breath Smell?
    I don’t want to disgust the insurance agent.
  11. How Many Push Ups Will I Need To Do To Work Off That Bowl Of Ice Cream?
    Be honest, we’ve all asked this question.
  12. When Is My Next Paycheck?
    Enough said.
  13. How Long Will My Next Paycheck Last
    Not very.
  14. When Do I Have To Pay Rent?
    Probably in a couple days. Good luck.
  15. How Long Do I Have To Endure My Sibling’s Recital?
    Until you’re old enough to move out. Or, you could ask to stay home. But honestly, if you love your sibling, even if just a little, you should go to support. It’ll mean the world to him or her. (He or she just might not admit it).
  16. How Much Do I Have To Study To Get An A On The Test?
    You ask as you read this list instead of studying.
  17. What’s Going To Be On The Test?
    Not this list.
  18. Where Can I Adopt A Pet?
    Find a local shelter.
  19. Is The Pet Supposed To Smell Like This?
    It probably ate something, or had an accident somewhere. Or both.
  20. What Did I Ever Do Without A Pet?
    Who knows. Life without a pet is not as great as life with one. Thank god that’s over.
  21. What Do I Want To Do When I Grow Up?
    Don’t worry, you’ve got time.
  22. What Do I Want To Do Now That I’ve Grown Up?
    Some still don’t know.
  23. Where Can I Make Friends?
    Join a community sports league, become a regular at church, volunteer at charities, or take classes somewhere.
  24. Are There Any Medical Equipment I Could Get To Better My Heath?
  25. How Do I Become A (Insert Profession)?
    Look up the history of people who are doing what you want to do.
  26. How Can I Work At (Insert Business)?
    Consider looking into internships. Plenty of interns stay on for full-time jobs.
  27. Andriod or IPhone?
    The age old question (which we’re not getting into).
  28. When Should I Replace My Phone?
    Is it broken?
  29. How Can I Get A Promotion?
    Work hard and get in good with your fellow employees and your employers. Everyone will smile and see how hard your working.
  30. Where Can I Get A Good Cup Of Coffee?
    Ask a local hipster. They know all the good spots.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this list and forgotten about the worries and the complainers. Even if it was only for a second, this brief moment of relief is a blessing in its own. If you don’t have medical equipment to help with the snoring, come back to this list later to enjoy a good laugh (or at least a smile).

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